India’s Bold Move Shocks Australia in WTC Final 2023

kookaburra ball in wtc final

Kookaburra Ball in WTC Final: India’s Cricket Team is set to break tradition during their tour of England. In the upcoming WTC Final 2023 against Australia, both teams have decided to deviate from the norm and utilize the Australian variant of the red ball, known as the Kookaburra. This means that for the first time, the Indian team will not be playing with the traditional Dukes balls. The highly anticipated India vs Australia Final is scheduled to commence on June 7th at the Oval. Stay updated on the WTC Final proceedings by following the LIVE Updates on InsideSport.IN.

Why Duke’s Ball is Being Replaced by the Kookaburra?

During the 2021 WTC Final against New Zealand, the ICC employed Duke’s balls. However, recently, County teams have expressed concerns about the diminishing quality of the Red Dukes balls. These complaints prompted a shift in choice for the WTC Final. It led both India and Australia to opt for the Red Kookaburra. Confirming the ICC’s decision, Ricky Ponting announced on Friday that the red Kookaburra would replace the Dukes balls in the upcoming final.

The switch to the Kookaburra balls may be attributed to the aforementioned quality issues with the Dukes balls. Last year, when New Zealand toured England, their captain, Kane Williamson, also raised concerns about the Duke’s balls losing shape and swinging too quickly.

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Dilip Jajodia, the owner of the company responsible for manufacturing the Dukes balls, shared his thoughts with the Indian Express. He suggested that there may be technical problems in the tanning process. He explained, “There might be some technical problem in the process of tanning which goes back months. We actually still haven’t identified what the problem is. Because the process of tanning and coloration is very important, and if something goes wrong, if somebody adds a certain percentage of chemical that’s not quite right, the dye comes from another manufacturer. All these little things affect natural raw material.”

How Do the WTC 2023 Finalists are Preparing?

While it remains uncertain whether the decision to favor Kookaburra over Dukes stems from quality issues, Indian pacers have already commenced practicing with the red balls during their IPL 2023 training sessions. Meanwhile, the Australian players are either participating in County cricket or preparing individually. The complete Australian team is expected to assemble in London by next week. The initial batch of the Indian team will depart for London on May 23rd.

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Ricky Ponting expressed his anticipation for the final, highlighting the clash between India’s formidable top order and Australia’s formidable pace attack. “I think it’ll be India’s top order against Australia’s fast bowling,” Ponting stated during an ICC curtain raiser event on Friday. He also pondered the impact of the pitch at The Oval, as historically, it has initially favored batsmen but has offered spinners some assistance as the match progresses.


Q: What type of balls will be used in India vs Australia WTC Final 2023?

Ans: India vs Australia WTC Final 2023 will be played with the red Kookaburra balls. Both teams have decided to deviate from the traditional Dukes balls and use the Australian variant of the red ball.

Q: Why did India and Australia choose the Kookaburra balls over the Dukes balls?

Ans: The decision to use Kookaburra balls instead of Dukes balls for the WTC Final 2023 may be attributed to concerns regarding the degrading quality of the Red Dukes. Both teams opted for the Kookaburra balls, which have been deemed more suitable for the final.

Q: Did the ICC approve the use of Kookaburra balls in the WTC Final 2023?

Ans: Yes, Ricky Ponting confirmed that the ICC has given the nod to use the red Kookaburra balls in the WTC Final 2023, replacing the traditional Dukes balls.

Q: What were the issues with the Duke’s balls?

Ans: County teams and players, including the Indian and New Zealand teams, have raised concerns about the diminishing quality of the Red Dukes balls. They reported issues such as the balls losing shape and swinging too quickly.

Q: When will India vs Australia WTC Final 2023 take place?

Ans: India vs Australia WTC Final 2023 is scheduled to start on June 7th at the Oval. Cricket enthusiasts can follow the live updates on InsideSport.IN.

Q: Are the Indian pacers already practicing with the red Kookaburra balls?

Ans: Yes, the Indian pacers have already begun practicing with the red Kookaburra balls during their IPL 2023 training sessions in preparation for the WTC Final.

Q: What is the expectation for the final according to Ricky Ponting?

Ans: Ricky Ponting expressed his anticipation for a thrilling battle between India’s top order and Australia’s fast bowling attack. He highlighted the potential clash between these two formidable elements during an ICC curtain-raiser event.

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