Chairman of the BCCI’s selection committee Chetan Sharma’s sting operation on February 14 has stirred up some fresh controversies in Indian cricket and the game around the world. The Chetan Sharma sting operation was conducted by Zee News where the chairman of the selection committee has given clarity on the Virat Kohli-Sourav Ganguly disagreement, disclosed incidents of fake fitness injections and many more. These revelations by Chetan Sharma are surely going to hurt the ICT fans and the cricketing community across the globe.

The Zee News sting operation has disclosed how Indian players are using fake fitness injections to maintain their fitness levels. He has also revealed that the BCCI is deliberately overlooking the fitness of prominent players who are using these fake fitness injections. He has also revealed how players like Hardik Pandya and Rohit Sharma influence the Chief Selectors during team selection and planning breaks from cricket. 

On the Kohli-Ganguli controversy, Sharma has revealed that there are two camps within team India – one is led by Virat Kohli and the other by Rohit Sharma. Also, the Kohli-Ganguli controversy is more of an ego clash between them, said Sharma. He added that although Ganguly never favored Rohit Sharma, he also never liked Virat Kohli. “Kohli started to consider himself bigger than the game which led to ego clashes between the then BCCI president and Kohli and eventually led to his removal from captaincy”, said Chetan Sharma.  

In another revelation, Sharma added that Hardik Pandya will take over the T20I captaincy full-time from Rohit Sharma and that the current Indian skipper will not be considered in T20Is in the coming days. 

Given below are some important highlights from the Zee News’ sting operation conducted on the BCCI selection committee’s chairman. 

  • Indian players use fake fitness injections to prove their match fitness
  • Even if a player is 80% fit before the match, he takes the injection and plays the match anyway
  • Jasprit Bumrah’s name has come up in the fake fitness injection controversy
  • Virat Kohli and Sourav Ganguly’s ego clash led to the former skipper’s removal from the captaincy
  • Kohli’s attitude that he is bigger than the game did not sit well with the then BCCI president Sourav Ganguly
  • Ganguly never liked Kohli but he was also not favorable of Rohit Sharma
  • Hardik Pandya will become the full-time T20I skipper and Rohit Sharma will not be part of the Indian T20I setup anymore

This is a lot to process for Indian cricket team fans and cricket lovers from all across the globe. This controversy is surely going to shake the core of Indian cricket and it is yet to be seen the repercussions of this sting operation within and outside of BCCI.