Chetan Sharma’s leaked sting operation video released by Zee News has created some turmoil within the Indian cricketing fraternity. In the video, Sharma is seen speaking in detail about BCCI politics and how certain players influence the chief selectors during team meetings. He also made some comments about the Kohli-Ganguly controversy that popped up before the Asia Cup in 2022. Additionally, Chetan Sharma also alleged that some Indian players use fake fitness injections to prove match fitness before important matches. 

The sting operation video of BCCI’s Chairman of the selection committee has also provided meme content for users on the popular social media platform – Twitter. Fans not only made fun of the chief selector but also did not spare the BCCI secretary Jay Shah. Here are some of the funniest tweets that popped up when we did a little digging.

While this sting operation controversy is not expected to cool down soon, it is to be seen how the BCCI reacts to it. In the meantime, let us enjoy the creativity of Twitterattis!