Undead Unluck Chapter 168: In chapter 167 of Undead Unluck, titled “Dumb Son,” the gripping battle comes to a close with Shen emerging as the victorious contender. The chapter not only features intense combat but also delves into flashbacks. It shed light on Feng’s early life and the path that led him to become an incredibly powerful individual.

The Climactic Battle: Shen vs. Feng

Feng, possessing the unique negation ability Unfade, which halts the aging process, had always been considered the strongest. Yet, despite his strength, he found himself left behind by others. On the other hand, Shen pushed the limits of his power and skill, ultimately managing to defeat Feng and expel him from the battle ring.

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Chapter 168 Speculations: Shen Joins Fuuko’s Team

In chapter 168 of Undead Unluck, it is speculated that Shen will join Fuuko’s team as they embark on their next quest. Fuuko, however, might not rush into another mission right away. She could take some time to bond with her master and discuss the unfolding events.

Feng’s Next Move: An Uncertain Path

As for Feng’s future actions, it remains uncertain whether he will choose to join Fuuko’s team. The possibilities seem endless, making it difficult to predict his next move. As fans eagerly await the developments, they can only watch and see what unfolds.

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Chapter 168 Release Date

Exciting news for fans! Chapter 168 of the Undead Unluck manga is set to be released on Sunday, Jul 23, 2023. As of now, the title of the chapter remains undisclosed, adding to the anticipation.

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Is Undead Unluck on Break This Week?

No, chapter 168, Undead Unluck, is not on break this week. Fans can rest assured that the next chapter will be released as scheduled, allowing them to continue immersing themselves in the captivating storyline.

Chapter 168 Raw Scans and Leaks

As of this moment, raw scans of chapter 168 have not been released. Typically, these scans surface one to two days before the official chapter release date, giving fans a glimpse into what lies ahead. Be sure to check back for updates!

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Recap of Chapter 167: A Flashback and the Final Showdown

Chapter 167 opens with a flashback that showcases Feng’s struggle for survival and how he met a martial artist who became his mentor, teaching him new techniques and igniting his desire to fight not just for survival, but for something more.

As the ultimate battle ensues, Fuuko reveals to Shen that his ability, Untruth, affects those he cares about. However, Shen dismisses this, claiming it won’t sway the outcome of the battle as he harbors hatred for Feng.

The flashback continues, recounting how Feng emerged victorious in a tournament, proclaiming himself as the most potent being. He embraces all challenges, vowing to remain undefeated until old age, which subsequently unlocks his ability, Unfade.

Fuuko enlightens him about his ability, explaining that he is the negator of aging. While Feng sees his power as a blessing without any sorrow, Shen argues that his eternal youth has brought him loneliness and melancholy. Despite Feng’s reluctance to accept this truth, his disciple assures him that he will surpass him.

Shen employs Shin Hakkyoku, a powerful technique, to elevate himself to the apex extremity and achieve the ultimate level of strength. Feng is astonished to witness this display. Shen undergoes a transformation, growing in size and might.

Mocking Shen, Feng suggests that his body won’t withstand such immense strength. However, Shen’s unwavering devotion to his mentor allows him to stand tall, insisting he will not die as he is Feng’s disciple. Both warriors rush at each other, and in that moment, Feng reminisces about the old martial artists who were content despite their defeats, passing on their knowledge to the next generation, leaving him behind.

Determined not to be left behind again, Feng’s resolve intensifies, but Shen delivers a powerful blow, sending him flying out of the ring. When Feng attempts to rise, Shen employs Untruth, rendering him immobile. Admitting his defeat, Feng accepts that Untruth indeed affected him.

In Conclusion

Chapter 167 of Undead Unluck proves to be a thrilling installment, filled with action, flashbacks, and character development. As readers eagerly await chapter 168, they can only wonder how the story will unfold further, with the fate of characters hanging in the balance. The journey of Shen, Feng, and Fuuko continues to captivate fans, promising more excitement and surprises in the upcoming chapters.