Undead Unluck Chapter 159: Nico and Fuuko delve deeper into their knowledge of the peculiar adversaries in chapter 158 of Undead Unluck, titled “Don’t Think, Feel.”

This chapter focuses extensively on Phil, granting him significant attention and character development. As they grapple to find a solution to save his mother, Phil endeavors to comprehend the concept of emotions. However, the creatures prove to be formidable foes, impervious to harm and incredibly bothersome.

Regrettably, the chapter felt somewhat repetitive, revisiting similar themes repeatedly. Eventually, we are introduced to Phil’s mother, and Nico discerns the pattern by which these creatures launch their attacks.

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Speculations for Chapter 159

Chapter 159 of Undead Unluck holds the promise of Fuuko, her team, and Phil rescuing his mother.
The forthcoming chapter is anticipated to bring the ongoing action to a close. Phil will devise a plan to extricate his mother from the chaos that surrounds them. While it remains a complex endeavor, I am confident that they will find a way to prevail.

It is crucial that the action does not continue to be protracted. It is high time we advance with the mission and assist Phil in his recovery. I am curious about Fuuko’s next course of action once Phil is safely retrieved.

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Release Date for Chapter 159

Chapter 159 of the Undead Unluck manga was released on Sunday, May 21, 2023.

Raw Scans and Leaks for Chapter 159

As of now, raw scans for chapter 159 of Undead Unluck have not been made available. Typically, these scans emerge one to two days before the official release of the chapter. Therefore, it is advisable to check back later for updates.

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Recap of Chapter 158

In chapter 158, Fuuko directs everyone to retreat while they confront the creatures. She instructs them to head towards the elevator, leading to Phil’s mother. Phil expresses his desire to join the fight, but Fuuko adamantly refuses.

While fleeing, they manage to obtain a fragment from one of the creatures. Although they initially suspect it to be a Uma, Fuuko reveals that it is, in fact, an alien entity. They resolve to search for potential weak points.

Discovering Vulnerabilities

They discuss how these creatures exclusively target Phil and his mother. Curious about the concept of “feelings,” Phil seeks understanding by asking Sean about the saddest experience he has ever had. Sean recounts the profound sadness he felt upon the passing of his father, realizing he would never see him again. In the midst of their conversation, a colossal creature materializes, encasing Phil’s mother within.

The Nature of Feelings

Phil’s mother anxiously inquires about her son’s well-being. Nico assures her that they will rescue her, but she dissuades them from attempting an escape. The mass of creatures begins to exhibit signs of impending explosion. Fuuko and her team launch an assault, successfully retrieving Phil’s mother. Apologizing for confining her son, she expresses uncertainty regarding his capacity for emotions.

Nico encourages her not to give up, as Phil is actively striving to comprehend the significance of emotions for her sake. He implores that Phil should not have to learn the depths of sorrow through his mother’s demise.

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Phil’s Mother

Unexpectedly, Nico becomes the target of a creature’s attack, finally comprehending that their assaults are fueled by emotions. Currently, they are focused on Phil, who acts as the primary source of these emotions.

Phil attempts to serve as a decoy, but Fuuko intervenes, urging him to think about his mother. Nico informs the lady that he is currently the most agitated, with his feelings surpassing those of anyone else in the present moment.

About Undead Unluck

The narrative follows Fuuko Izumo, whose touch brings misfortune to those around her. Plagued by this ability, she contemplates suicide but is unexpectedly saved when she encounters Andy, an undead individual seeking a “perfect death.” Together, they join the enigmatic organization known as Union, composed of individuals like Fuuko and Andy, who embark on missions assigned by a book called “Apocalypse.” The anime adaptation of Undead Unluck is set to premiere in 2023.