Spy x Family Mission 79 Release Date: Mission 79 (MISSIONミッション: 79, Misshon: 79?) is the seventy-ninth chapter of the SPY x FAMILY manga, written and illustrated by Tatsuya Endo. It was released on May 1, 2023.

At the Berlint City Hall, Camilla and Millie find themselves putting in extra hours of work. Yor, grateful to Camilla for teaching her culinary skills, offers to lend a hand, while Millie requests Sharon’s assistance as well. As they toil away, Sharon remarks that Yor has been more talkative lately, which surprises Yor. She quickly apologizes for being a bother, but Sharon assures her that it’s not a problem. Yor reflects on her past tendency to distance herself from others to conceal her profession as an assassin. Later she finds it peculiar that now she has even more secrets to hide while interacting with her colleagues. It is given the fact of her fabricated marriage. Sharon inquires about Anya’s well-being since the hijacking incident, and Yor assures her that she is now doing fine.

Several hours later, the girls successfully complete their work. Sharon suggests grabbing dinner together and extending an invitation to Yor, much to the surprise of Camilla and Millie. Yor decides to join them, believing that spending time with her co-workers will help maintain her cover. At the restaurant, the girls are taken aback as Yor, at Millie’s insistence, gets drunk for the first time. Curious about Yor’s relationship with Loid, Camilla asks if there are any complaints about their marriage. Camilla expects Yor to express dissatisfaction and a desire to end things with Loid.

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However, Camilla and Millie are astonished when Yor struggles to come up with any grievances about Loid, leaving them disbelieving. Yor wonders if it’s normal to have grievances about one’s partner and seeks confirmation from the other girls. They all agree and begin listing their own pet peeves, jokingly expressing the desire to eliminate their partners. In her intoxicated state, Yor starts contemplating the notion that relationships have the potential to turn anyone into an assassin and briefly considers revealing her true identity to her colleagues.

In an attempt to fit in, Yor fabricates dislikes about Loid, but her co-workers easily see through her deception. Yor becomes increasingly anxious that she might arouse suspicion if she fails to convince them, so she quickly finishes a glass of alcohol, grabs a butter knife, and announces that she will be back, leaving her co-workers behind. Yor approaches the Shopkeeper, requesting permission to kill Loid for the sake of “preserving her marriage.” The Shopkeeper agrees, and Yor imagines herself confronting Loid, resulting in a chaotic and distressing scene that leaves Anya in tears.

However, it is soon revealed that this was all a figment of Yor’s imagination, and she was actually standing near the restaurant’s entrance. Devastated by her own thoughts, Yor rushes back to her table, confessing that she “can’t go through with it” and that killing is morally wrong. To her surprise, her co-workers find it amusing, assuming she was simply playing along as a joke. The girls accept that Yor and Loid have a loving marriage and playfully tease her about kissing him. Sharon assures Yor that a welcome home kiss is normal, a sentiment echoed by the others. Yor is taken aback by this revelation.

After their dinner, Yor and her co-workers bid farewell to each other, wondering if Yor will actually give Loid a welcome home kiss when she returns. They discuss how much they enjoyed their time together and make plans to invite Yor out again. Yor arrives home, where Loid warmly welcomes her. Overwhelmed at the thought of kissing Loid, Yor faints, but Loid catches her and remarks that she had too much to drink. Yor believes that a kiss is imminent in this situation, but she fights the urge to harm him. Instead, she backflips off Loid’s arm and crashes onto the floor. In the midst of their frantic conversation, Anya mumbles in her sleep about the noise they make when they kiss.