Choujin X Chapter 36 Release Date: “Who Are You?” serves as the thirty-sixth installment in the captivating manga series, Choujin X.

Choujin X Chapter 36 Summary

It has been a span of 11 months since the climactic Battle of the Tower of Mourning. During an airplane journey, an individual engrossed in a newspaper catches sight of an article. The piece highlights the pivotal role played by Tokyo, the assistant captain, in the assault against a formidable Choujin who had seized control of the urban expanse in Iwato prefecture. Tokyo’s involvement significantly contributed to restoring order and stability in the region.

Meanwhile, two enigmatic characters engage in conversation. The girl expresses her aspiration to “become God” and assemble an army of bodybuilders to serve her. Having emerged from a state of destitution, she believes this dream to be unattainable through conventional means. On the other hand, the man desires to become a salaryman. If a deity exists, he wishes to be replaced by a superior being.

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Asserting that God is not a concern, the girl named Tawashi Minami rises from her seat and proclaims that every Choujin is crafted in the image of God, as taught by mama Zora. She emphasizes the need for Choujins to strive towards benevolence and godliness. Ignoring the flight attendant’s instruction to remain seated, Tawashi transforms her arm into a mantis-like appendage and seizes the woman, hoisting her up by her dress. Tawashi accuses her of being the type of person who remains stationary during flights and in the restroom, declaring her intention to eliminate her. The man, Jing, also manifests a small cannon from his finger and warns the passengers that they are Choujins. He demands their silence and stillness if they wish to survive, while instructing Tawashi to inspect the cockpit.

Unexpectedly, a figure concealed beneath a hat rises to confront the bandits. Jing urges the individual to sit down, but in response, they reveal iron handcuffs and exclaim, “Genesis,” before launching an attack. Unveiling a Yamato Mori uniform beneath their coat, the mysterious individual materializes a blade from their handcuffs and relentlessly assaults Jing with rapid, lethal strikes. Eventually, the assailant is recognized as Azuma, the “rising hope” of Yamato.

Meanwhile, Tawashi arrives at the cockpit only to find the two pilots wearing masks. Before she can comprehend the situation, she is ambushed by Ely, who hangs from the ceiling, ready to unleash a fiery assault. Although Tawashi suffers from the burn, she develops an insect-like exoskeleton that shields her body. Swiftly evading her opponent’s attacks, Tawashi disappears into clouds of smoke, launching surprise strikes from concealed positions. When Ely accuses her of being a deceitful ninja, Tawashi responds by claiming she is a thief. She places her palm on Ely, stealing her Choujin powers. Transformed into a mantis-arm Choujin akin to Tawashi, Yamato’s Keeper engages her adversary at an equal level. To conclude the battle, Tawashi catches her opponent off guard with another fire attack, fully absorbing her powers.

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The struggle ensues in the passenger area as Jing intensifies his assault on Azuma. Jing reveals a machine gun concealed within his chest, compelling Azuma to fashion a metal shield for himself and the civilians. With a surprise maneuver, Azuma immobilizes Jing with binding cables. However, as Jing lowers his guard and approaches, he falls into a trap set by Azuma, resulting in his capture within an iron cage.

Both heroes subdue the criminals, and Azuma reflects on how they once again find themselves pawns in Zora’s game. Zora likely continues to pursue a Choujin Beast, intending to awaken it among the passengers by causing the plane to crash. Suddenly, an individual among the captives rises and proclaims their intent to demonstrate how to perform their duty correctly. Numerous snakes attack dozens of civilians, while a colossal white snake breaches the plane. Nari warns everyone to brace for a sudden drop in altitude. Seizing the two restrained Choujins, Nari urges them to unleash their powers.

During the free fall, the plane manages to land safely in the middle of the sea, thanks to Ely’s smoke, which saves the civilians and drives away the enemies. Azuma praises the girl, realizing that she keeps repeating the same sentiments. He wonders if their situation would change if Tokio were with them. Upon examining the passenger manifest, they discover an absence. Ely volunteers to investigate.

In another part of Yamato, Chandra cautiously traverses the desolate streets, resentful of being cast out by Zora. His cover was blown during the plane attack in which he was supposed to partake. Suddenly, Ely appears behind him, and a frenzied chase ensues as she presses him for information regarding the assault. Chandra vehemently denies any knowledge, claiming he was meant to embark on a “journey of self-discovery.”

Abruptly, Ely is ambushed from behind by a Choujin named I. C. Ice, who recently escaped from prison alongside Nari. I. C. Ice generates ice slabs and reveals that Zora sent him to eliminate Ely, as she disrupts Zora’s prophecies with her chaotic actions. I. C. He successfully traps Ely within an icy prison, poised to strike her with an ice blade. However, his attack is thwarted by a barrage of sharp black feathers. Turning to face this new adversary, I. C. Ice encounters an untidy-looking Tokio, who wields a broken leg, a crutch, and a blade specifically designed to slay Choujins. Tokio claims to be a nobody.