Nights with a Cat Chapter 18: Nights with a Cat, an anime series, has unveiled preview images and a synopsis for episode 18, along with streaming details. The episode, titled “The Cat’s Reluctance,” was streamed on October 19. The storyline revolves around Kyuryuga, a cat who has a fondness for boxes. Futa-kun manages to coax the cat out of the box, but Kyuryuga swiftly returns inside.

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Furthermore, a preview was released for episode 17 of Nights with a Cat. Ayahi Takagaki, known for her role as Kuro in the Blue Exorcist series, lends her voice to the character Kyuryuga. Satoshi Hino, renowned for portraying Ainz Ooal Gown/Momon in the Overlord series, takes on the role of Futa-kun. Additionally, Atsumi Tanezaki, the voice behind Anya Forger in the Spy x Family series, voices Futa-kun’s sister Pi-chan in the anime.

Nights with a Cat originated as a manga essay written and illustrated by Kyuryu Z, published by KADOKAWA. The fourth compiled volume of the series was released on October 27, 2022. Studio PuYUKAI, known for their work on the Isekai Quartet series, is responsible for producing the anime, under the direction and scriptwriting of Minoru Ashina.

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In the English edition, published by Yen Press, the official description of Volume 1 provides an insight into the plot. Fuuta, who returns home weary in the evenings, desires nothing more than to spend quality time with his new feline companion. Delving into the enigmatic habits and mannerisms of household cats, this charming and lighthearted comedy captures the joys of cohabiting with an adorable furball.