Jeff Timmer Son Death: The Lincoln Project released a statement confirming the tragic news that Mekbul Timmer, the adolescent son of political leader Jeff Timmer, has died. Mekbul was the family’s youngest child and a high school student, according to the tweet. Jeff and his wife Mattie released a joint statement on Twitter to express their sorrow: “The tragic death of our youngest child has left us inconsolable. Everyone who knew Mekbul Timmer, a senior in high school, adored and loved him.” Let us find out more about Jeff Timmer son death.

In another tweet, Mattie thanked everyone for their love and support as they went through this trying time, saying: “We are receiving the grace we need to go through this unfathomable sadness thanks to the outpouring of love and sympathy that we have received”.

Who is Jeff Timmer?

Jeff Timmer serves as a senior advisor for The Lincoln Project, a political action committee established in 2019 by a group of former Republicans to prevent the re-election of Donald Trump and Republican senatorial re-election in the 2020 presidential election. Before becoming an Independent, Jeff served as the executive director of the Michigan Republican Party.

Jeff identifies as a “strategist,” a “erstwhile GOPer,” and a “Senior Adviser” on Twitter. He has his podcast and co-founded Republicans & Independents for Biden, a group created to promote President Biden. Jeff Timmer has a distinguished career and is unquestionably well-paid for his work in several private commercial groups. Since he began working on The Lincoln Project at the beginning of 1997, he has gained recognition as one of Michigan’s most significant leaders, notably for helping young people prepare for careers in politics.

Having such a prosperous career, Jeff’s current net worth is thought to be between $2 and $4 million.

On Twitter, a lot of people have been paying tribute to Mekbul since the news of his death spread. Jeff tweeted in response to the tragic news, “Grief therapist advises spending as much time as I can bear doing something I’d typically do.