Ja Morant Girlfriend: After being selected by the Memphis Grizzlies in the first round of the 2014 NBA Draft, Ja Morant quickly rose to prominence in the league, signing a contract for up to $231 million, and becoming a Nike signature athlete. He did, however, meet KK Dixon before joining the league, and the two of them have a daughter together named Kaari Jaidyn Morant. Who is KK Dixon? How did these two meet? Are they still dating? We will provide answers to all the questions in this blog titled “who is Ja Morant girlfriend?”

When Morant was a freshman at Murray State in 2017, Dixon , was playing basketball and volleyball at Frisk University. Dixon was raised by basketball-playing parents in Antoine, Arkansas. They began dating in the same year and came out as a couple in 2018. They welcomed Kaari into the world in 2019.

Even though the couple split up soon after Kaari was born, they still co-parent their daughter. They have kept their romance private, ending it quietly and without making a declaration to the public. Fans can conclude their relationship because they even stopped following one another on Instagram and stopped posting images of one another. Although they are no longer together, they are still dedicated to providing their daughter with a happy and caring childhood. They are cooperating to make sure she has all she needs. 

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With her cute mannerisms, supporting her father at Grizzlies games, and even hitting the giddy, Kaari has already established herself as a celebrity in the NBA.

Who is Ja Morant Girlfriend KK Dixon?

Dixon is a gifted athlete as well as an author and entrepreneur. She is the CEO and Founder of Dixon Brands LLC and is the author of “Kaari and Kree’s Ultimate Coloring and Activity Book,” a coloring book. The NBA Bubble in 2020 caused Morant to miss his daughter’s first birthday, but Kaari will remain a popular figure on and off the court.