Gavin Escobar Wife: Gavin Escobar, a former tight end for the Dallas Cowboys, perished on September 28, 2022, in a rock climbing mishap that happened in southern California. Escobar was 31 years old and was climbing with Chelsea Walsh. Both climbers were found deceased at the scene. He is survived by his wife Sarah and two daughters. Let us find out more about Gavin Escobar wife from this piece.

Despite having played in the NFL, Escobar had a relatively private life. He only had a small following of around 500 people on his private Instagram account. His profile picture displayed his wife Sarah, who seemed to share her husband’s adventurous spirit. Sarah currently resides in Kansas City, Missouri, despite coming from Rancho Santa Margarita, California. She was an active supporter of her husband and often shared photos of their fun times together.

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Sarah had played soccer for the San Diego State University’s women’s soccer team, and her Twitter page indicated that she participated in the 2013 Aliso Park kickball tournament. In contrast, Escobar had been working as a firefighter at Fire Station 3 in Long Beach, California, since February 2022, and was a member of the B-Shift. The couple’s two daughters are named Josey and Charlotte Escobar.

Gavin Escobar Tragedy

The tragedy occurred at Tahquitz Rock, a well-known climbing location approximately 110 miles southeast of Los Angeles. Though there was light rain in the area on the day of the accident, it is unclear whether this played a role in the climbers’ deaths. Tahquitz Rock is known for its steep granite cliffs, which were presumably the site of Escobar and Walsh’s fall. Riverside County Sheriff’s Sgt Brandy Swan stated that it appeared to be a “complete accident” that caused their deaths and that the weather did not seem to be a factor.

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Escobar’s pals created a GoFundMe campaign to aid his family in the wake of the tragedy. The page set a fundraising target of $100,000, and it has already received $57,046 in donations. The post on the page reads, “Following his tragic death, Gavin leaves behind his wife and two adorable girls Josey and Charlotte. This page is set up for anybody looking to support his family during this devastating time. Any and all donations will go towards the support of Gavin’s family as they grieve and plan for the future.”