Fire Force Season 3 Release Date & Time: Anime is flourishing in the present day, owing to a multitude of fascinating and superbly animated series that span virtually every genre imaginable. Whether it’s a show about a ruthless businessman reincarnated as a little girl, who rises through the ranks of the military in an alternate version of World War I Germany or one about individuals who metamorphose into animals from the Chinese zodiac upon being hugged by someone of the opposite sex, there’s something to suit everyone’s taste in the anime world. Notably, “Fire Force” stands out with its unique premise: a team of firefighters battling spontaneous combustion.

The series, which is based on the manga by Atsushi Ohkubo, the creator of “Soul Eater,” follows Shinra Kusakabe, a third-generation pyrokinetic who can ignite his feet with fire. Shinra teams up with Special Fire Force Company 8, a group of pyrokinetic, to confront the Infernals, humans who have transformed into living blazes through spontaneous combustion. The second season of “Fire Force” concluded in December 2020 and became one of the top five most-watched anime television shows on Amazon Prime Japan. Since then, fans have eagerly anticipated another season of the series, and here’s what we know so far about Season 3 of “Fire Force.”

When was Fire Force Season 3 Release Date Announced?

On May 16, 2022, the official Twitter account for “Fire Force” confirmed the release of Season 3 with a tweet featuring an image of Shinra Kusakabe, the sharp-toothed teenager, striking a pose after delivering one of his attacks. Regrettably, the reveal was brief, providing no information on the release date or any production updates. For quite some time, fans were uncertain if the anime would even be picked up for a third season, so it is exciting to know that it will be returning. While we await further information, let’s hold on to our anticipation and keep an eye out for any updates.

When Season 3 was confirmed in May of that year, it appeared that a July 2023 release date was being aimed for. Nonetheless, as fans have bemoaned on Reddit, David Production, the anime studio responsible for “Fire Force,” is presently occupied with creating an anime adaptation of Yoshifumi Tozuka’s manga “Undead Unluck,” which is scheduled to premiere in 2023. Given this, it seems improbable that “Fire Force” Season 3 will be released in the summer of 2023 or even in 2023 altogether.

Fire Force Season 3 Plot

In the Season 2 finale of “Fire Force,” it appeared that Company 8 and the Evangelist were on the verge of a much larger battle. Shinra Kusakabe sought to become stronger to confront Company 8’s increasingly dangerous foes and, in the process, reached a new level of ability known as “The Press of Death.” The season’s conclusion was made even more intense by the assassination of Company 4’s Captain Hague. However, Shinra’s newfound ability enabled him to establish an Adolla Link, allowing him to witness Hague’s final moments. While we don’t have many concrete details on what is to come, we can make an educated guess about the story’s direction using the source material.

Fire Force Season 3 Cast

The official cast list for the upcoming season 3 of “Fire Force” has yet to be released, but given the consistency of the previous two seasons, it’s probable that most of the characters and voice actors will be returning. Fans can likely expect to see Gakuto Kajiwara and Derick Snow reprising their roles as the bold and intrepid protagonist, Shinra Kusakabe, in the original Japanese and English versions, respectively. Kajiwara, who has also lent his voice to Asta in “Black Clover” and Hiro in “Shadowverse,” has become a notable figure in the world of shonen anime. Snow, on the other hand, has an impressive resume of voice acting credits that include “One Piece,” “Dragon Ball Super,” “Fairy Tail,” and “My Hero Academia,” where he portrays the hot-headed Yakuza member, Mimic.

We know (or, at least, we suspect) from reading the manga that Captain Obi will figure prominently in the early episodes of Season 3, which means that Kazuya Nakai will be back in the recording booth. He’s a true veteran of the voice acting game with almost 300 credits to his name. Nakai is the voice behind many iconic characters, most notably Roronoa Zoro in “One Piece” and Toshiro Hijikata in “Gintama.” In the English dub, Obi is voiced by Jeremy Inman, who isn’t far behind Nakai in terms of career credits. He’s brought his distinctive tones to everything from “Dragon Ball Z” to “Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood.”

Other main characters we expect to see in Season 3 are Iris (Mao Ichimichi, Alexis Tipton), Takehisa (Kenichi Suzumura, Christopher Wehkamp), Tamaki (Aoi Yuuki, Jad Saxton), Arthur (Yuusuke Kobayashi, Eric Vale), and Maki (Saeko Kamijou, Sarah Roach). It’s almost certain that the self-styled antihero the Joker (Kenjirou Tsuda, Sonny Strait) will also be back in action.

Streaming Platform

“Fire Force” is a highly accessible anime, as it can be streamed on multiple platforms, which is uncommon for TV shows in general. Fans of the series can easily watch both seasons on Hulu, which provides the option to view it with English, French, German, Portuguese, or Spanish dubs, even with a basic membership. Alternatively, those who prefer the popular anime streaming platform, Crunchyroll, can also access the show with similar language options. However, free viewing of “Fire Force” on both platforms is available with some trade-offs – viewers must sit through lengthy ads, and an upgrade to a premium subscription is needed to get an uninterrupted viewing experience. On Funimation, both existing seasons of “Fire Force” are also available for free with ads. Nonetheless, if you’re willing to upgrade to a premium membership, you can skip the commercials and enjoy uninterrupted viewing.