Milena Ciciotti Youtube Drama

Milena Ciciotti Youtube Drama

Milena Ciciotti Youtube Drama: Milena Ciciotti, a beauty and lifestyle YouTuber, is receiving negative feedback on her most recent video, “The Lord is Doing Something.” She addresses recent allegations about her neo-sculpting experience in the video and uses Bible verses to make her point. Milena encourages her followers to embrace their natural bodies as God created them. She also addressed this issue in her podcast. 

However, a Reddit user named Lepihi6 exposed Milena’s inconsistency with her advice by posting a screenshot of a comment she made in which she fails to mention the body treatment she has already undergone.

This revelation sparked a barrage of criticism from social media users, who accused Milena of hypocrisy. They pointed out that, despite her advice to others to love their natural bodies, she has undergone neo-sculpting and Botox fillers.

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For those who are unfamiliar with the term, neo-sculpting treatment is a non-surgical procedure that involves the removal of body fat while simultaneously increasing muscle mass through the use of electromagnetic and radiofrequency energy. It is a highly transformative treatment, according to the FDA.

Milena Ciciotti stated in response to the backlash, emphasizing that she serves and fears God alone and that she will honor Him first and foremost. She also stated that she wishes to be free from the obligations that come with having a large platform and audience.

Milena believes that talking about things should be done only when she is led by the Lord, not when she is coerced or bullied into it. Rather than being drawn into the negative drama, she prefers to focus on fruitful conversations that honor God.

Despite the accusations, Milena believes in her message and continues to share her thoughts and experiences with her followers.

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