Dana White Wife: Dana White is a renowned figure in the combat sports industry. He has established a successful business strategy and showcased exemplary leadership as the President of the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC). His contribution to the growth and popularity of mixed martial arts is highly recognized. Despite his professional achievements, little is known about his personal life, including his wife Anne White, formerly known as Anne Stella.

Recently, Dana White and his wife were in the news due to a physical altercation that occurred between them at a New Year’s Eve party. The incident went viral online. Dana White has since apologized for his actions, citing an excessive intake of alcohol as the cause.

Anna White Early Life

Anne White, Dana White’s wife, was born as Anne Louise Stella on January 16, 1969, in New York City. Since she tries to maintain a low profile, little is known about her background or family. Anne graduated from Hermon High School, where she met Dana White, and reportedly holds Polish-American nationality. She is not present on any social media platform, which adds to her private life being less known to the public.

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Although Anne White’s occupation is unknown to the general public, her husband Dana White earns $20 million a year and is worth $500 million.

Dana and Anne White have been in a relationship since middle school. They graduated from Hermon High School together in 1987. However, they did not attend college together. Dana eventually moved to Las Vegas, and Anne joined him there. The couple exchanged vows and got married in 1996.

Dana White has been accused of adultery despite the fact that he and his wife have been together since middle school. Dana’s mother, June, made accusations of infidelity against her son, alleging that he cheated on Anne with ring girls and his sister-in-law. In 2014, an exotic dancer in Brazil claimed to have recorded her sexual encounter with Dana White without his consent and alleged that they had been seeing each other for months during his marriage. The dancer’s live-in boyfriend subsequently tried to extort money from White, leading to a criminal case against the boyfriend.

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Dana White’s Recent Controversy Involving His Wife

On New Year’s Eve, Dana White and his wife, Anne White, were at a packed nightclub in Cabo San Lucas called El Squid Roe. The 26-year-married pair were enjoying themselves with pals in a VIP location above the dance floor. Shortly after midnight, when they all welcomed in 2023, things took a turn for the worse.

As Dana leaned over to say something to Anne, she reacted by slapping him across the face. In response, Dana immediately slapped her back in the face, before friends intervened and separated them. The incident was witnessed by onlookers in the club and has since been reported by TMZ Sports.

According to eyewitnesses, Dana and Anne appeared heavily intoxicated before the altercation. The video footage seems to confirm this, as the situation escalated quickly and seemingly without reason. The entire conflict was over in less than a minute.

In a statement to TMZ Sports, Dana admitted that he and Anne had been drinking heavily. However, he emphasized that there is no excuse for his physical reaction. He claimed that he has always believed that there is never a justification for a male to touch a woman, and he is ashamed of his actions. Dana and Anne have apologized to each other and discussed the incident with their three children.

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The event, according to Anne, was out of character for her husband. Anne also spoke to TMZ Sports.
She admitted that they had both had too much to drink and that things had gotten out of hand on both sides.
For the sake of their kids, she hopes that people would respect their right to privacy.