Sol Xochitl, renowned as the former spouse of legendary boxer Mike Tyson, has led an intriguing life as a former stripper and celebrity ex-wife. Born Michael Gerard Tyson, the highly acclaimed retired professional boxer hails from Brooklyn, New York City, where he dominated the boxing world from 1985 to 2005. Revered as Iron Mike, Kid Dynamite, or The Baddest Man on the Planet, Tyson’s fame extended far and wide.

Who is Sol Xochitl?

Sol Xochitl is a former strip dancer and celebrity ex-partner who was born in Mexico in 1975. As of 2022, she is approximately 47 years old. Holding Mexican nationality and having a mixed-racial background, Sol prefers to keep her personal life away from the limelight. Thus, little is known about her parents, siblings, early childhood, and educational background. However, her life took a significant turn when she started dating American professional boxer Mike Tyson.

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Sol Xochitl and Mike Tyson’s Love Story:

Sol Xochitl and Mike Tyson’s paths crossed during the 2000s. Their initial encounter took place at a strip club in Phoenix, Arizona, where Sol worked as a dancer. Although they started as friends, Sol dedicated herself to ensuring the success of their relationship. She would occasionally seek advice from Hope, one of Mike Tyson’s friends, on how to keep him happy. Sol was diligent in maintaining a spotless home and actively engaged in activities with Mike, including accompanying him during his workouts and runs. Her commitment to fitness often surpassed his, as she would outdo him in their runs, always striving to be one step ahead.

During their courtship, Mike Tyson was burdened by substantial debts, amounting to approximately $27 million. Among these debts, $17 million was owed to the IRS and English tax authorities in back taxes, while the remaining $10 million encompassed personal expenses, including outstanding payments to his ex-wife Monica, significant legal fees, and home payments. Despite their financial difficulties, Sol and Mike spent valuable time together in Phoenix. However, their dire circumstances occasionally led them to have simple meals like Frosted Flakes and Twizzlers for dinner.

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Children of Sol Xochitl and Mike Tyson:

Sol Xochitl and Mike Tyson share the blessing of two children. Their first child, Miguel Leon Tyson, was born on April 18, 2002, before their marriage. Unlike his father, Miguel has embarked on a musical career, showcasing his talent as an upcoming American musician. Their second child, Exodus Tyson, was born in March 2005. Tragically, she passed away at the tender age of four on May 26, 2009, after an accident involving a treadmill cord. Despite efforts to save her, Exodus succumbed to her injuries. This devastating event took place while Mike Tyson was in Las Vegas, Nevada. Upon learning of his daughter’s condition, he immediately flew back to Phoenix, Arizona and found his daughter on life support before she tragically passed away.

In addition to their two children, Sol Xochitl is also a stepmother to Mike Tyson’s other children from previous relationships. These include Mike Loran Tyson, born in 1990 to Kimberly Scarborough, who has gained fame as a plus-size model; Amir Tyson, born in August 1997 and now a reputable businessman; Milan Tyson, born in 2008; and Morroco Tyson, born in 2009.

Updates on Sol Xochitl’s Whereabouts

The current location of Sol Xochitl remains a mystery as she prefers to keep it private. Since her separation from Mike Tyson, she has retreated from the public eye and resumed her life away from the spotlight. However, rumors suggest that she may still be residing in Phoenix.

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Sol Xochitl, once the wife of the iconic boxer Mike Tyson, had a relatively limited experience of the privileges often associated with being in a relationship with a celebrity athlete. Today, she is but a name that was once linked to a renowned figure, now fading into obscurity.