The Seattle Seahawks’ 30-year-old quarterback Geno Smith recently gained attention for leading his team on a 98-yard touchdown drive against the Pittsburgh Steelers. Russell Wilson, the team’s standout quarterback, was replaced by Smith after he injured his finger during the contest. Smith’s excellent performance throughout the game has generated attention in both his professional football career and personal life. Fans are interested in his love life and family, especially his marriage to Hayley Eastham, his college sweetheart. Let us find out more about Geno Smith wife. 

Who is Geno Smith Wife Hayley Eastham?

Hayley works as a Patent Litigation Associate at Caldwell Cassady and Curry PC. She and Smith dated for six years before being married on July 20, 2015. The couple met while filming an episode of “Home Hunters,” a well-known TV program, and have been together ever since.

Smith and Hayley are a great match because they both have good careers. Despite having hectic schedules, they consistently make time for one another even if they are not yet parents.

Geno Smith’s Net Worth

With a basic salary of $1,075,000 and a signing bonus of $137,500 in 2021, Spotrac estimates Smith’s net worth to be around $2 million. Smith’s contract with the Seattle Seahawks has been extended, and he will likely receive millions more.

Geno Smith Family Background

Smith’s sports career was significantly influenced by his family. With his mother Tracy Seller and father Eugene Smith Jr., he was raised in Lakemont, Georgia. He inherited his grandfather’s “Big Geno” moniker from his grandfather, who was an athlete.

Smith’s cousin Melvin Bratton is a successful running back, and his great-uncle Danny Smith set records in the hurdles. Smith’s success as a quarterback surely stems from the long history of athletic prowess in his family.

Geno Smith has established himself as a talented and committed football player, enjoying a prosperous career and a contented family life with his wife Hayley. He will enjoy years of fame thanks to his great on-field performance.