Billy Gardell Weight Loss: In a recent interview with Entertainment Tonight, Billy Gardell, known for his role on Mike & Molly, opened up about his impressive weight loss journey. The actor revealed that he lost a whopping 150 pounds and now weighs between 205 and 210 pounds. Gardell attributes his success to finding peace within himself. He also admitted that realizing it was time to take care of his health played a huge role. He admitted that even if he didn’t receive that note right away, he firmly believes that as long as you do, the timing is irrelevant.

While Gardell joked about the “little things” he didn’t like dealing with because of his new weight, he said that “for the most part, [it’s all good.]” One advantage he noted was the ability to shop at more clothing stores. The actor also shared that his type 2 diabetes is now “gone”. He also admitted that his resting heartbeat went from 113 to 68.

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What is Gardell’s Weight Loss Secret?

To maintain good health, Gardell requested that his producers put a weight bench and some adjustable weights in his trailer. It helped him exercise when he had the opportunity on set. In terms of his diet, he revealed that he eats very healthily, even like all the people he used to make fun of, and goes small. Gardell stated that he’s not missing out on any of the foods he used to consume. He still can have a couple of bites of something decadent if he wants.

Despite his impressive transformation, Gardell stated that he still receives criticism no matter his weight. He said that there are always people online who comment on his weight. Whether he’s heavy or thin, he just wants to walk through the Earth without being judged.

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Gardell believes that self-care is essential, and he’s finally gotten there. He’s still smoking cigarettes, but he’s working on that one. The actor shared that he’s a dad, and as he hits 50, he’s started doing “dad math,” thinking about how long he can live to be there for his son. Gardell underwent a gastric bypass operation two years ago after backing out twice before. He advised that the operation is not the end but the beginning and that commitment to a routine is crucial to success. He encouraged people to ask for help when needed, stating that it’s the very thing where strength is born.