Are you curious about the release date of Chainsaw Man Chapter 114 and whether any teasers have been revealed? After a two-week wait since Chapter 113, the next installment is almost here. Although fans have been concerned about the future of the Chainsaw Man manga series, there is no need to worry about its fate. Here is everything you need to know about the release date and teaser for Chainsaw Man Chapter 114.

Chainsaw Man Chapter 114 Release Date and Teaser

The release schedule for the Chainsaw Man manga has been irregular, alternating between weekly and biweekly releases. However, Chapter 114 is about to be officially released, and a teaser has already been revealed on social media for fans to read while waiting patiently.

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Release Date for Chainsaw Man Chapter 114

Chainsaw Man Chapter 114 was released on Wednesday, December 21, 2022, at 12:00 AM JST. To help you prepare for the release, here are the time zone conversions for some of the most commonly known cities:

Los Angeles, Vancouver – Tuesday, December 20, 7:00 AM PST

Denver, Calgary – Tuesday, December 20, 8:00 AM MST

Chicago, Regina – Tuesday, December 20, 9:00 AM CST

New York, Toronto – Tuesday, December 20, 10:00 AM EST

Halifax, Fredericton – Tuesday, December 20, 11:00 AM AST

Brasilia Time – Tuesday, December 20, 12:00 PM BRT

UK and Ireland – Tuesday, December 20, 3:00 PM GMT

Europe – Tuesday, December 20, 5:00 PM CEST

India – Tuesday, December 20, 8:30 PM IST

Vietnam and Thailand – Tuesday, December 20, 10:00 PM ICT

Philippines – Tuesday, December 20, 11:00 PM PHT

Japan – Wednesday, December 21, 12:00 AM JST

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Where to Read?

You can access Chainsaw Man Chapter 114 for free on Viz Media’s website. Additionally, the three most recent releases of Part 2 Academy Saga are also available for free on the Viz Media website, in case you need to catch up on previous chapters before the release of Chapter 114.

Chainsaw Man Chapter 114 Teaser

A teaser from Chainsaw Man Chapter 114 has been posted on social media, providing further insight into the date between Asa and Denji, which appears to be even more awkward than before.

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In conclusion, mark your calendars and be prepared for the release of Chainsaw Man Chapter 114. Don’t forget that you can read it for free on Viz Media’s website. If you’re a fan of the anime adaptation, it is currently available to stream on Crunchyroll and Hulu.