Why Mitchell Starc Does not Play IPL Anymore?

For those who follow IPL religiously, a lingering question must surely come up now and then – Why does Mitchell Starc not participate in IPL anymore? It is not like Starc has stayed completely out of IPL previously. In 2018, Starc was bought by the Kolkata Knight Riders for a whopping INR 9.4 cr but did not play because he sustained an injury during a match. This is after 2015 when Starc declared that he won’t be a part of IPL anymore. After 2018, he did not even register for the mega cricketing event. But why? Let us find out!

Fitness Issues

During an interview, Starc agreed that his fitness issues were resolved to a great extent by staying out of the IPL. He said that by not playing in IPL, he could look after his body and prepare for the next season. However, this has put a small dent in his financial conditions but he admitted that he is happier looking after his body and resting while enjoying IPL on his television. 

Time for his Family

The time away from IPL Mitchell Starc spends with his wife Alyssa Healy and his family. He admitted spending time with his loved ones brings a lot of positivity to his mental and physical state. 

Improvement in Test Cricket

Starc has admitted that by not playing in the IPL, his performance in test cricket has improved. He believes that because of the rest, his body has started handling the rigors of test cricket well. 


An athlete needs to strike the right balance between money and their well-being. Yes, by playing more games and franchise tournaments players can mint a huge amount of money but only a few know where to draw the line. It seems Starc has found that line. Well, signing off with the hope that someday we might again see the fiery left-armer from Australia searing the white leather at the batters in the IPL. 

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