IPL 2023 Playoffs Teams: Just eight matches remain in the league stage of IPL 2023, and only one team has secured a playoff spot thus far, the Gujarat Titans, who are guaranteed a top-two position. On the other hand, the Delhi Capitals and Sunrisers Hyderabad have been eliminated from contention. Let’s delve into the chances of qualification for the remaining seven teams.

Chennai Super Kings

Played: 13 | Points: 15 | NRR: 0.381
Remaining Match: DC (away)

The recent loss to the Kolkata Knight Riders has left the Super Kings uncertain of their qualification. Even if they win their last game against the Delhi Capitals, they may not secure a top-two finish. However, they will still secure a playoff berth. If they lose to the Capitals, they could potentially be eliminated as five teams have the possibility to finish with more than 15 points. Yet, if other results go in their favor, the Super Kings could secure the second position without adding to their current tally.

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Mumbai Indians

Played: 13 | Points: 14 | NRR: -0.13
Remaining Matches: SRH (home)

After a slow start, the Mumbai Indians have gained momentum, winning four of their last six matches. If they win their remaining match, their qualification will depend on other results. They could either advance without considering net run rates or become embroiled in an NRR battle with two other teams for the final spot. However, if they lose both matches, their qualification hopes will be slim. With three teams already on 15 or more points, the Mumbai Indians would find themselves competing with as many as four other teams, all vying for the fourth slot, and hindered by a poor NRR.

Lucknow Super Giants

Played: 13 | Points: 15 | NRR: 0.30
Remaining Matches: KKR (away)

To secure qualification, the Super Giants must win their remaining match. They can still qualify without relying on net run rates if other results go their way. However, if four other teams, in addition to the Titans, namely the Super Kings, Mumbai Indians, Royal Challengers Bangalore, and Punjab Kings, finish with 16 or more points, their chances of qualifying will diminish. If they lose both their matches, the Super Giants will be eliminated.

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Royal Challengers Bangalore

Played: 12 | Points: 12 | NRR: 0.166
Remaining Matches: SRH (away), GT (home)

The Royal Challengers’ remarkable victory against the Rajasthan Royals has elevated them to the fifth position on the table, boosting their net run rate from -0.345 to 0.166. As mentioned earlier, the competition for the 16-point mark remains intense, but the Royal Challengers are definitely in the mix. Their net run rate is now better than that of the Mumbai Indians and the Kings, two other teams that could finish with 16 points. However, if the Royal Challengers lose one of their remaining matches and remain on 14 points, they will require several favorable results to secure one available spot. In such a scenario, the significant boost in net run rate obtained from their astonishing win against the Royals could prove decisive.

Rajasthan Royals

Played: 13 | Points: 12 | NRR: 0.140
Remaining Match: PBKS (away)

The Royals’ crushing defeat against the Royal Challengers has caused their net run rate to plummet from an impressive 0.633 to 0.140. Nonetheless, they still have a chance to qualify if
they manage to defeat the Punjab Kings in their last match and if other results work in their favor. Their best opportunity lies in the possibility that the Royal Challengers, Super Giants, and Kings lose their remaining two matches, along with a loss for the Sunrisers in their match against the Mumbai Indians. In such a scenario, the fourth position will be a direct battle between the Royals and the Knight Riders, with the Royals likely clinching it due to their superior net run rate despite the heavy defeat they endured.

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Punjab Kings

Played: 12 | Points: 12 | NRR: -0.268
Remaining Matches: DC (home), RR (home)

The Punjab Kings are one of the five teams still in contention to finish with 16 or more points. This places them in a strong position to secure a top-four finish. However, they may require assistance from other teams and would need to secure victories by significant margins to improve their net run rate, which is currently lower than that of all the other teams in contention for 16 or more points. If they lose a match, they could find themselves battling with up to four other teams for a single spot. Although their two remaining matches are at home, they will be playing in Dharamsala rather than Mohali.

Kolkata Knight Riders

Played: 13 | Points: 12 | NRR: -0.256
Remaining Match: LSG (home)

The Knight Riders’ victory against the Super Kings has kept their hopes alive, although their chances of finishing in the top four with 14 points are slim. To have a chance, they must win their final match at home against the Super Giants and hope that no more than three teams surpass the 14-point mark. One possible scenario for this is if the Super Giants lose their remaining two matches and if the Royal Challengers and Punjab Kings each lose at least one of their remaining matches. In that case, two to four teams would be tied on 14 points, and the net run rate would become a crucial factor. Currently, the Knight Riders’ net run rate stands at -0.256, and they have only one opportunity to improve it.