In the 2023 Indian Premier League match between Gujarat Titans and Kolkata Knight Riders on Sunday, April 09, 2023, Rinku Singh, a player for Kolkata Knight Riders, put on an amazing display that astounded the crowd. Rinku Singh struck five consecutive sixes in a power-hitting outburst that saw him score an unbeaten 48 runs off 21 balls with the side needing 28 to win off the final five balls.

Gujarat Titans player Yash Dayal was the victim of Rinku’s outstanding effort as Kolkata Knight Riders defeated the defending champions by an astounding three wickets in Ahmedabad.

The Knight Riders scored 31 runs in their final over, the most ever in a successful run chase, with 30 of those runs coming from Rinku’s bat. As Venkatesh Iyer, who struck 83 in the same game, remarked, “Lord Rinku saved the day,” Rinku became KKR’s cult hero as a result of this remarkable performance.

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One of the IPL’s most motivational tales is Rinku Singh’s ascent to the top. His love for cricket kept him from switching to the sweeper position, though. He would use all of the money he made from playing cricket to pay off his family’s obligations. Rinku stated, “I will contribute to my elder brother’s wedding, save some money for my sister’s wedding,” after signing an IPL deal in 2018. He also said he dreamt of moving to a good house with his family.

However, opportunities in the IPL were scarce. After hanging around the periphery for three seasons, he eventually had a few chances last year and performed admirably. In seven innings last year, Rinku had a strike rate of 148 and scored 174 runs.

With a scorching fifty in the previous game against RCB on April 06, 2023, Shardul Thakur was the headline performer for KKR, but Rinku’s 46 runs off 33 balls were just as important.

Rinku was instructed to lead the team chant by KKR owner Shah Rukh Khan following the match. He declared, “Rinku ko follow karenge (We will follow Rinku)” The following game, Rinku broke all records and struck five consecutive sixes in the final over to defeat the virtually unbeatable Gujarat Titans for KKR, solidifying his place in the hearts of KKR supporters.