Bikkuri-Men Anime Cast Members: Japan-based confectionery company Lotte’s Bikkuri-Men anime, an exciting new animation centered around its Bikkuri-Man line of delectable wafer snacks, has unveiled a quartet of fresh cast additions for the forthcoming series. The roster of newly introduced cast members comprises:

  • Yui Ogura in the role of Cross
  • Yū Kobayashi lending voice to Oasis
  • Katsuhisa Houki taking on the character of Khan
  • Shinnosuke Tokudome portraying Takayan

The anime is set to make its highly anticipated debut this upcoming fall season.

At the core of the original creation, Lotte stands credited, while Hiroyuki Takei, the mastermind behind the Shaman King manga, is orchestrating the conception of the primary characters.

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Guiding the creative process as the anime’s director is Tomohiro Tsukimisato, renowned for his work on titles like “How Clumsy You Are, Miss Ueno” and “Anime Kapibarasan.” The animation is under the deft hands of Shinei Animation and Lesprit. The scripting responsibilities are entrusted to Yuniko Ayana, recognized for contributions to projects such as “BanG Dream!” and “The Idolm@ster SideM.” Responsible for crafting the distinctive character designs is Ayano Ōwada, known for her work on “How Clumsy You Are, Miss Ueno.” The musical atmosphere is carefully curated by Yasuhiro Misawa, celebrated for compositions in works like “Hinamatsuri” and “How Clumsy You Are, Miss Ueno.”

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The impending anime adaptation will immerse viewers in a universe where characters featured on collectible stickers packaged alongside the snacks come to life. The narrative unfolds in a realm where the value of Bikkuri-Man stickers has surged to the point that they necessitate transportation in secure cash-carrying vehicles. A year earlier, a notorious heist had rocked the scene, christened the “300 million Bikkuri-Man sticker case.” Against this backdrop, a high-school delivery part-timer named Yamato finds himself thrust into a gripping conflict centered around the coveted stickers, embroiling two rival convenience stores. The Angel Mart, managed by the Phoenix store’s proprietor, boasts a reputation for its alluring and user-friendly glitter stickers. Meanwhile, the Devil Store across the street aggressively vies for the attention of Bikkuri-Man enthusiasts. Former comrades are now divided into allegiances and adversaries, setting the stage for an epic destiny-defining clash.

The revelation of the anime’s existence coincided with the celebration of “Bikkuri-Man Day” in Japan, observed on April 1. The Bikkuri-Man snacks have captivated Japanese audiences since their introduction in 1977, igniting a cascade of tie-ins, including five television anime adaptations and two cinematic releases. The original Bikkuri-Man television anime first graced screens in 1987.