Tsukihime English Trailer: Aniplex of America has commenced the online streaming of an English announcement trailer on Wednesday, showcasing the forthcoming English release of Tsukihime -A Piece of blue glass moon. This release stands as a remake of Type-Moon’s Tsukihime dōjin visual novel game. The video effectively presents an English rendition of the enigmatic introductory scene from the original visual novel. Moreover, it offers a glimpse of the game’s opening title sequence, accompanied by the melodic strains of the theme song “Seimeisen” (Lifeline) by ReoNa.

This much-anticipated game is set to make its debut in the Western market for both PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch, complete with a meticulous English localization, in the year 2024. The game had its initial launch in Japan, gracing PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch consoles in August 2021. Impressively, it has already achieved an impressive sales figure of 300,000 units as of January earlier this year.

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Evidencing an intriguing shift, the game showcases an entirely new voice cast in contrast to the 2003 Lunar Legend Tsukihime anime adaptation. Among the notable cast members are Ryōsuke Kanemoto as Shiki Tohno, Ikumi Hasegawa portraying Arcueid Brunestud, Kaede Hondo lending her voice to Ciel, Shino Shimoji as Akiha Tohno, Yūki Kuwahara embodying Kohaku, and Kana Ichinose as Hisui. Notably, this rendition introduces novel characters and their respective voice actors, including Ai Kayano as Noel and Ayane Sakura as Mario Gallo Bestino.

This renewed rendition of Tsukihime reunites the creative minds behind the original success. Kinoko Nasu has returned to pen the intricate scenario and to direct the remake, while Takashi Takeuchi has once again contributed his artistic prowess as the character designer. Adding to the auditory experience, ReoNa has rendered the game’s theme songs “Seimeisen” (Lifeline) and “Juvenile” in collaboration with the Sacra Music label. The opening sequence has been gracefully brought to life through the animation efforts of ufotable.

Reflecting back on the roots of this captivating universe, Type-Moon’s original doujin game made its debut at the Winter Comic Market in the year 2000. This marked a pivotal moment, as it stood as Type-Moon’s inaugural visual novel and served as the catalyst for the group’s emergence into the limelight. The narrative of the game revolves around Shiki Tohno, a young boy whose life was forever altered by a tragic accident, bestowing upon him the uncanny ability to perceive ethereal “lines” that grant him the power to easily dismantle or extinguish anything they touch. Guided by an enigmatic itinerant mage who assists him in mastering this power, Shiki embarks on a journey of self-discovery. Upon his return to a solitary household that he shares with his sister and two devoted maids, Shiki’s latent abilities begin to awaken. His journey becomes inexorably entwined with the enigmatic Arcueid, a powerful vampire, and the dark enigmas harbored by his schoolmate Ciel, his own sister Akiha, as well as the two maids, Hisui and Kohaku.

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This enthralling narrative also found its way onto the screen, with a 12-episode anime adaptation premiering in the year 2003. Geneon Entertainment took on the responsibility of releasing the series on DVD across North America.

The allure of Tsukihime inspired further artistic expressions, with Sasakishonen crafting a manga interpretation commencing in the year 2004. DrMaster subsequently released six out of the ten volumes of the series in English. Expanding the creative tapestry, Takeru Kirishima embarked on a manga adaptation based on the doujin fighting game, Melty Blood, which was itself derived from the world of Tsukihime, in 2006. The saga of this adaptation culminated with Kadokawa’s publication of the ninth and final compiled volume in 2010.

Aniplex achieved yet another milestone by bringing Type-Moon’s Mahōtsukai no Yoru (Witch on the Holy Night) visual novel game to the Western audience, releasing it for both PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch in December 2022. This marked a historic occasion as the very first official release of a Type-Moon visual novel with an English translation. Witch on the Holy Night, a project that predates the founding of Type-Moon itself, was an early collaborative effort between Kinoko Nasu and the artist Takashi Takeuchi in the mid-90s. Initially conceived as a novel, the draft was only shared with close acquaintances and never officially published. Eventually, it evolved into a full-fledged visual novel, boasting art by Hirokazu Koyama, and saw its launch in April 2012, with plans for two sequels in tow. The enduring legacy of this work now extends to an upcoming anime film crafted by ufotable.