The International Cricket Council is mulling over moving the ICC 2023 World Cup out of India. According to reports, the 2023 World Cup can be moved out of India as a result of tax issues between the local government and the International Cricket Council. If the BCCI fails to obtain exemptions in taxes from the Indian Government, then the upcoming 50-over World Cup might be moved out of India. 

What is Exactly Going On?

The World Cup was only conducted in India in 2016 because of an interim tax break from the Indian tax authorities, reported the international cricket governing organization ICC. The BCCI is now engaged in a legal dispute over the 10.3% surcharge that the ICC was permitted to deduct from India’s income share. The BCCI is reportedly not too pleased with how recent proceedings have gone regarding the 2023 World Cup, even though the ICC has managed to secure yet another interim tax ruling.

What Does the ICC Policy Say?

The ICC policy clearly states that the host nations must procure the requisite tax exemptions from their respective governments. The matter is currently entirely in the hands of the Indian Government but no visible progress is seen from their end at the moment. The Indian Government did not grant any tax exemptions to the ICC when India hosted the T20 world cup in 2016. 

Why People are Blaming Pakistan Cricket Board?

Some Indian cricket fans are blaming the Pakistan Cricket Board for the recent development. It all started when the BCCI threatened to boycott the 2023 Asia Cup that is scheduled to take place in Pakistan. The PCB responded by threatening to boycott the 50-over World Cup event slated to be hosted by India the same year. They also threatened to push the 2023 world cup out of India if the BCCI boycotts the Asia Cup tournament. However, no report suggests that PCB has anything to do with it in this instance. 


India is scheduled to host the 50-over world cup after a long hiatus of 11 years. In 2011, India co-hosted the event with Bangladesh and Sri Lanka. It is important for the cricket fans of India that the BCCI, ICC and the Indian Government must work together for a solution. Moreover, starving a country of 1.3 billion where cricket is a passion might not be a sensible thing to do for all the stakeholders.