WWE Rumor Roundup (May 24, 2023)

  • According to an exclusive report from Fightful Select, the official documents sent by AEW to CM Punk served a contractual purpose, aiming to address any potential issues that may arise during their future working relationship. Consequently, it appears that CM Punk’s highly anticipated return is still on track.
  • According to WRKD Wrestling, discussions have reportedly taken place regarding the potential Raw main event at WrestleMania 40, featuring an intriguing matchup between Cody Rhodes and GUNTHER.
  • Adding further context, Fightful Select highlights that the Triple H/Cody Rhodes segment on Raw earlier this week was intended to portray Cody in a positive light, with someone significant endorsing him prior to the show.
  • Moreover, significant alterations were made to the script of Monday Night Raw this week, as reported by Fightful Select. Interestingly, one of the talents speculates that these changes may have been prompted by the involvement of Vince McMahon.
  • During an episode of Wrestling Observer Live, Bryan Alvarez revealed that the concept of extending SmackDown to a three-hour show has been discussed within WWE for several years.

WWE Rumor Roundup (May 23, 2023)

  • Wade Keller from PW Torch has been informed by multiple sources within AEW that several of the company’s prominent wrestlers, who frequently appear on Dynamite, would welcome the departure of CM Punk from the organization.
  • During a recent Twitter Spaces session, Raj Giri, the founder of Wrestling Inc, revealed that AEW had sent a legal document to Punk over the weekend. If Punk fails to comply with the unspecified contents of the document, AEW plans to take legal action against him.
  • According to Dave Meltzer from Wrestling Observer Radio, early ticket sales for Collision shows have been sluggish. Meltzer attributes this to the lack of excitement generated by the announced names and other factors, which have failed to create enough anticipation among fans.
  • Before suffering an injury that led to a change in plans, both Wrestling Observer and PW Insider reported that Mercedes Moné was scheduled to defeat Willow Nightingale and become the inaugural champion of the newly established NJPW Strong Women’s title.
  • Meltzer also mentioned on Observer Radio that Moné has signed a fresh contract with Bushiroad, the parent company of New Japan Pro-Wrestling and Stardom. However, the exact number of dates covered by the new agreement remains uncertain.
  • BWE reports that WWE’s new World Heavyweight title will be considered a continuation of the championship introduced in 2002, which was held by Triple H. Following the unification of the WWE and WHC belts in 2013, Randy Orton was listed as the last champion. After Orton, either Seth Rollins or AJ Styles will be added to the official records of the company as the next champion.

WWE Rumor Roundup (May 22, 2023)

  • Seth Rollins is currently the frontrunner in the race for the world heavyweight championship at Night of Champions, as indicated by BetOnline’s strong favoritism towards him.
  • Based on reports from BWE, WWE has intentions of transforming Bianca Belair and Street Profits into villainous characters, potentially during the upcoming summer season.
  • According to insider information shared by Fightful Select, there are multiple individuals within the WWE organization who hold great expectations for Cameron Grimes’ future on the main roster.
  • Insights from PW Insider suggest that there is a prevailing belief that the AEW International Championship underwent a significant elevation in status months ago, with the intention of featuring it more frequently on the Collision program.
  • Additionally, PW Insider also reveals that Andrade made an appearance backstage during a recent episode of Dynamite, where he was preparing for his highly anticipated comeback. Therefore, his earlier pretense on Twitter, where he claimed ignorance, was merely an act.

WWE Rumor Roundup (May 20, 2023)

  • According to a report from PW Insider, the ongoing issue between AEW and CM Punk is not a scripted storyline. If the two parties fail to reach a resolution regarding Ace Steel’s participation in Collision, AEW is considering moving the premiere episode of the show from Chicago’s United Center to an alternative venue.
  • Dave Meltzer of F4WOnline mentioned that AEW has been in touch with Daily’s Place in Jacksonville, Florida, as a potential backup location for the Collision premiere. The matter must be resolved by next Wednesday when Tony Khan will announce the final venue on Dynamite.
  • In the latest edition of Wrestling Observer Newsletter, it is stated that Drew McIntyre’s impending return to WWE is primarily a matter of creative differences that he and the company need to resolve. Although a new contract agreement has not been reached, WWE has the option to extend his contract by adding injury time, which is often done when there is a possibility of a star leaving.
  • Bray Wyatt is reportedly still under WWE’s payroll, as per WrestleVotes. He is listed among other “unassigned” wrestlers such as Gable Steveson, R-Truth, Logan Paul, and Tommaso Ciampa in WWE’s internal groupings.
  • According to information from Fightful Select, the AEW: Fight Forever video game is set to be released on June 27. An official announcement regarding the game’s release date is expected next week.
  • Sources also revealed that Bryan Danielson will be involved in the creative process for AEW Collision. Insider confirmed this report and mentioned that Bryan has been informally sharing suggestions and ideas with the team for quite some time now.
  • As reported by the Wrestling Observer Newsletter, Seth Rollins will be absent from the upcoming episode of Raw due to his involvement in filming the Captain America movie.
  • WRKD Wrestling clarified that WWE’s reluctance to put the new World Heavyweight Championship on Seth Rollins, due to his commitments in Captain America, is not an immediate concern. It is more related to a potential future situation where both Rollins and Becky Lynch decide to further pursue opportunities in Hollywood.

WWE Rumor Roundup (May 19, 2023)

  • WRKD Wrestling has reported that WWE is currently contemplating the idea of arranging a thrilling match between Roman Reigns and Solo Sikoa against The Usos at the upcoming Money in the Bank event, set to take place on July 1 in the vibrant city of London.
  • Better Wrestling Experience, a reliable source in the industry, has revealed that WWE intends to promote Night of Champions with a triple main event, adding an extra level of excitement to the already anticipated show.
  • Although specific details regarding Night of Champions are yet to be finalized, it has been confirmed that the World Heavyweight Championship match between AJ Styles and Seth Rollins will serve as the captivating finale of the evening.
  • According to Dave Meltzer from Wrestling Observer Radio, it has come to light that the reported injury of AEW Women’s World Champion Jamie Hayter is actually part of a scripted storyline, designed to captivate the audience and enhance the overall narrative.
  • Meltzer further speculates that CM Punk, a prominent figure in the wrestling world, had a hand in bringing Andrade to the AEW Collision event. AEW Collision is being billed as “the Punk show,” and thus the roster has been strategically composed of wrestlers who hold a positive opinion of Punk, including Powerhouse Hobbs and FTR.
  • In an interesting development, it was observed by Dave Meltzer that AEW World Champion MJF has replaced Punk on the official poster for AEW Collision. While all the other wrestlers remained the same as originally announced, this change in the poster signifies the prominence of MJF within the event.
  • During an episode of The Extreme Life of Matt Hardy podcast, Matt revealed that there were plans for a cameo appearance by Willow in the highly anticipated Firm Deletion match. Unfortunately, due to time constraints and inclement weather conditions, the cameo did not come to fruition.
  • According to reliable sources at PW Insider, WWE is currently in the process of recording two episodes of SmackDown tonight, ensuring a double dose of electrifying entertainment for wrestling enthusiasts.

WWE Rumor Roundup (May 18, 2023)

  • According to a recent report from Fightful Select regarding CM Punk and AEW, it was communicated to Punk this week that Ace Steel would be re-hired to work directly with him. However, Steel would not be permitted to be present during television tapings. Sean Ross Sapp, the author of the report, mentioned that he was unaware of Punk’s reaction, except for the fact that he disagreed with this decision.
  • While Sapp did not hear that this was the reason why Punk was not part of the Collision announcement, he did receive information about AEW’s plans to film at CM Punk’s home on Wednesday. It remains unverified whether or not this filming actually took place.
  • In an earlier report by Fightful on the Collision event, it was stated that AEW intends to establish a distinct brand split, with a few exceptions primarily for titleholders. Sapp tweeted that the talent was informed today that they would soon find out which brand they belong to.
  • Contradicting this, PW Insider Elite published a story claiming that their sources revealed AEW’s brand split was not similar to the strict division between Raw and Smackdown, and it was never internally discussed as such. Instead, wrestlers’ appearances on Dynamite or Collision would be determined by storylines.
  • Furthermore, the Insider report dismissed the idea of Warner Bros Discovery announcing a new or extended media rights contract with AEW on the previous day.
  • In another story related to AEW, Insider Gaming reported that AEW: Fight Forever achievements briefly appeared in the Xbox Store earlier this week. They also mentioned hearing rumors, but were unable to confirm, that the highly anticipated console game might be released by the end of June.
  • As for WWE, PW Insider stated that they plan to hold an NXT PLE (presumably a special event) on Saturday, August 12.

WWE Rumor Roundup (May 17, 2023)

  • Andrew Zarian, the host of the Mat Men Podcast, has hinted that an official announcement regarding CM Punk’s highly anticipated return to wrestling is imminent and can be expected in the upcoming days.
  • WRKD Wrestling has raised concerns about the possibility of Seth Rollins receiving more film roles, which may result in a hesitancy to bestow upon him the new title. This apprehension arises as news circulates that Rollins has been involved in the filming of “Captain America: New World Order.”
  • Fightful Select has disclosed that the ongoing feud between Becky Lynch and Trish Stratus is set to extend beyond the Night of Champions event, indicating that their rivalry will continue to captivate audiences.
  • Better Wrestling Experience, preferring to be recognized as such instead of BoozerRasslin, reports that the decision on the winner of the world heavyweight championship at Night of Champions is yet to be determined. However, they emphasize that Seth Rollins is currently the frontrunner favored by Triple H.
  • BWE also reveals that several notable names are being considered for this year’s men’s Money in the Bank ladder match. Damian Priest, LA Knight, Bobby Lashley, Matt Riddle, Cody Rhodes, GUNTHER, Finn Balor, Chad Gable, and Edge are all in contention for the coveted opportunity.
  • Lastly, according to BWE, the popular tag team DIY is poised to receive a significant push following the conclusion of Night of Champions, suggesting that they will be given prominent storylines and increased visibility.

WWE Rumor Roundup (May 16, 2023)

  • While the recent upfronts by NBCUniversal and FOX did not give much attention to Raw, NXT, and SmackDown, it has been reported by PW Insider Elite that the exclusive negotiation period for WWE’s next rights deals with these networks is either expiring or has already expired. This development has led people within WWE to believe that the company is preparing to open up the bidding process for potential new homes for their shows.
  • Another report from Insider Elite highlights that Bray Wyatt, a prominent WWE talent, is currently not listed in any capacity on the WWE roster internally. According to Fightful Select, this is due to Wyatt still dealing with an illness that has kept him away from the ring for several months. It has been confirmed that both Wyatt and Bo Dallas, who portrays Uncle Howdy and has his creative plans on hold due to Wyatt’s absence, are still affiliated with the company. Sources have also heard that Wyatt desires and remains hopeful about making a comeback, although no official update has been provided regarding his status.
  • Regarding the injury of Liv Morgan, which was mentioned during Raw, Fightful Select confirms its legitimacy. Morgan sustained the injury during her and Raquel Rodriguez’s tag team title defense against Damage CTRL on SmackDown. However, the exact moment of the injury during the match and its severity have not been specifically reported by Fightful’s sources.
  • In response to fans expressing discontent over LA Knight’s recent booking and his segment on SmackDown being moved to the post-show, Boozer Rasslin assures that Knight’s push is still fully planned and he is being creatively taken care of.
  • According to Fightful Select, several WWE talents have been given more freedom in their promos in recent weeks. One example highlighted by the site’s sources is the program between Karrion Kross and Shinsuke Nakamura.
  • There have been rumors about WWE engaging in discussions with Australian officials, with the intention of organizing a premium live event in Perth. The Wrestling Observer Newsletter reports this development, while The Sporting News adds that the event is likely to take place between the Royal Rumble and WrestleMania next year.

WWE Rumor Roundup (May 15, 2023)

  • According to PW Insider, a confidential depth chart obtained from WWE reveals that Bianca Belair, Charlotte Flair, Shotzi, Zelina Vega, Mia Yim, and Aliyah are considered the top six babyfaces on the SmackDown women’s roster. As for the top six heels, they are Asuka, Bayley, Lacey Evans, Scarlett, B-Fab, and Tamina.
  • Boozer Rasslin reports that in the upcoming months, WWE will introduce new songs and artists, leading to a significant transformation in its themes. Moreover, there are “big plans” for the world heavyweight championship, and an exciting storyline will soon catapult the title to its former glory.
  • As reported by Fightful Select, WWE recently went live on social media just before SmackDown began to serve as a reminder for fans to tune in to the show.
  • According to the Wrestling Observer Newsletter, Matt Jackson’s torn biceps injury recovery has been ahead of schedule, and he has been cleared to return to wrestling this week.

WWE Rumor Roundup (May 13, 2023)

  • Boozer Rasslin tweeted that it is solely dependent on management and Bray Wyatt’s own decision for his WWE return. Meanwhile, the Wrestling Observer Newsletter revealed that AEW’s agreement with Warner Bros Discovery for Collision was inevitable, whether or not CM Punk joined the show. Nevertheless, WBD did want him to participate in the program.
  • As for Punk’s relationship with other wrestlers backstage, Dave Meltzer reported that no significant progress has been made in resolving their issues. Several legal matters remain unresolved, preventing individuals from publicly discussing the situation or communicating with the other party.
  • An anonymous individual, not Punk, expressed a desire to apologize, but the communication ban with the other side prevented them from doing so. Another individual from the non-Punk camp believes that multiple apologies are required, with Punk being the first but not the only one.
  • Wade Keller shared on his PW Torch podcast that certain WWE wrestlers are pleased with Vince McMahon’s return to the creative team. Some of this satisfaction may stem from self-interest, as they believe that McMahon will promote them more than Triple H would.
  • Keller also stated that one wrestler suggested that McMahon focuses more on developing strong babyface characters, while Paul Levesque (Triple H) concentrates on creating effective heel personas.
  • According to Fightful Select, Trinity (also known as Naomi) will remain with Impact for the next few months. She has commitments with the company through the summer, but it is unknown whether she will extend her contract beyond that period.

WWE Rumor Roundup (May 12, 2023)

  • The unexpected return of Miro and Thunder Rosa on this week’s Dynamite episode has been verified by Fightful Select to be connected to the premiere of the new AEW Collision TV program next month. Sadly, Thunder Rosa is allegedly still in a lot of pain, and Dave Meltzer of Wrestling Observer Radio claims that her back is not getting better. He doesn’t believe her health will improve in time for Collision’s debut.
  • Tony Khan, president of the AEW, is reportedly in negotiations for a $1 billion TV deal with Warner Bros. Discovery, but Bryan Alvarez of Wrestling Observer Live noted that Khan is keeping all of his cards close to his chest. To the best of his knowledge, he is not sharing any information with any AEW personnel.
  • The Rock recently admitted to speaking with Vince McMahon to CNBC, although he did not go into detail about their conversation.
  • Meltzer claims that NJPW superstar Will Ospreay has already been scheduled to appear at AEW’s All-In event in August in London’s Wembley Stadium.
  • When Kyle O’Reilly recovers from neck fusion surgery, AEW intends to bring him back together with his former Undisputed Era teammates Adam Cole and Roderick Strong. However, a schedule for his comeback is not yet available.
  • The Observer reports that The Acclaimed, who had previously been at the top of AEW’s best-sellers list, has recently seen a decline in goods sales.

WWE Rumor Roundup (May 11, 2023)

  • Yesterday, rumors were circulating online that All Elite Wrestling (AEW) had struck a $1 billion deal with Warner Bros Discovery for a span of five years. However, both Bryan Alvarez of Wrestling Observer Live and Sean Ross Sapp of Fightful Select were unable to confirm these figures or any other numbers, according to their sources.
  • In fact, Sapp’s sources suggested that there may not even be an all-encompassing deal covering all AEW programming currently, indicating that the forthcoming announcement will only pertain to the new show, Collision, which will air on Saturdays.
  • As per Fightful, Collision’s arrival will transform Rampage into something akin to WWF Heat, with AEW’s Friday night program focusing more on mid and undercard wrestlers. This could provide opportunities for independent talent to showcase their skills in Ring of Honor programming.
  • During a recent appearance on the Haus of Wrestling podcast, promoter, trainer, and agent Rick Bassman revealed that he had been in discussions regarding a show in Jerusalem this September, potentially featuring both Goldberg and Sting. The event may serve as a retirement show for one or both of these legendary wrestlers, although Bassman did note that he wouldn’t be surprised if Goldberg ends up back at WWE for a major event.
  • Bassman also shared that he was backstage at WWE Backlash last weekend and that it was the most relaxed he had ever seen the company backstage, even with Vince McMahon’s absence.
  • Although there were tentative plans to bring Bron Breakker to the main roster during the WWE Draft, WRKD Wrestling tweeted that the company has been impressed with his work as a heel and wants to allow him to further develop his character in NXT. As a result, the current plans now have him being promoted after SummerSlam.

WWE Rumor Roundup (May 10, 2023)

  • According to a report by WRKD Wrestling, the production team of WWE faced a difficult situation during this week’s Monday Night Raw in Jacksonville. They were not able to generate the same level of excitement as they did in Puerto Rico over the weekend. As a result, they had to resort to either piping in crowd noise or showcasing a silent crowd on television. The decision was a no-win scenario for the production team.
  • The report also states that The Way, who recently reunited on Raw, could have significant plans in the works. This could include the involvement of Tommaso Ciampa. Meanwhile, Mace and Mansoor of Maximum Male Models have received a positive response backstage during house shows. There is hope that their character work will pick up steam with live crowds.
  • In an interview with Cultaholic, Savio Vega mentioned that it was largely Damian Priest’s idea to bring him in for his significant cameo at Backlash. This highlights the collaborative nature of WWE’s creative process.
  • Finally, according to the Wrestling Observer Newsletter, Double or Nothing is expected to feature at least 10 matches. Fans can anticipate an action-packed event.

WWE Rumor Roundup (May 09, 2023)

  • BoozerRasslin, a Twitter account known for wrestling news and rumors, recently updated fans on Alexa Bliss’s potential return to WWE. Previously, the account had reported that WWE wanted Bliss back for Night of Champions, but now there is doubt about her availability for the upcoming event in Saudi Arabia. However, fans can still expect to see Bliss back on television after the May 27 PLE.
  • Meanwhile, WWE management has been showering Damian Priest with praise for his recent performances, including his San Juan Street Fight at Backlash. According to PW Insider Elite, one source even claimed that Priest “has to be seen as one of the top-level players in the company going forward.” Additionally, insiders reported that company officials were thrilled with Omos’ match at Backlash, which was described as one of his best.
  • In other news, the bloodshed in the main event of Backlash was reportedly planned and not accidental. Multiple sources, including Fightful Select, Wrestling Observer, and PW Insider, revealed that Brock Lesnar has been given permission to bleed during matches, indicating that it is not a change in WWE policy.
  • Furthermore, Fightful Select reported that WWE has been in discussions with representatives in Australia about holding a premium live event there, which could be an exciting development for wrestling fans Down Under.
  • Lastly, there were rumors that Steve Corino’s son Colby had signed a deal with WWE, but Cassidy Haynes of Bodyslam.net clarified that the deal was not signed before WWE’s hiring freeze went into effect. As a result, Colby Corino is once again a free agent.
  • In a recent virtual signing with Captain’s Corner, wrestling legend Ricky Steamboat revealed that he had been offered a job as a road agent at AEW but turned it down. Steamboat explained that while he thinks AEW is a great company, he is trying to get off the road at this point in his life.

WWE Rumor Roundup (May 08, 2023)

  • According to the latest news in the wrestling industry, there are positive indications backstage within WWE to feature Bad Bunny in the upcoming SummerSlam. The Street Fight at Backlash was highly praised, and everyone loved it.
  • WRKD Wrestling has also hinted that the rivalry between Brock Lesnar and Cody Rhodes is far from being over. Fans won’t have to wait long to find out what the future holds for these two wrestling titans.
  • Dave Meltzer, on Wrestling Observer Radio, announced that Nashville would host WrestleMania in 2027. The new stadium in Nashville will open its doors to fans, and they will have the opportunity to witness the biggest wrestling event in the world.
  • BoozerRasslin and WRKD have teased fans about the possible reunion of The Way on Raw this week. Wrestling enthusiasts are excited and eagerly anticipating this moment.
  • Brian Kendrick, who previously had a tryout at Survivor Series last year, worked as a Producer alongside Jamie Noble for the Bad Bunny vs. Damian Priest match at Backlash. PW Insider has revealed this as Kendrick’s first time doing so.
  • WRKD Wrestling has reported that Cameron Grimes is set to receive a significant push now that he has joined the main roster. Triple H has high hopes for him and believes he has what it takes to be a top wrestler in the industry.

WWE Rumor Roundup (May 06, 2023)

  • According to this week’s edition of the Wrestling Observer Newsletter, Rampage, the popular wrestling show, will become a platform for showcasing younger talent. It will be similar to Dark and Dark Elevation after AEW Collision begins airing on Saturday nights. It is reported that Dynamite and Rampage will be recorded together on Wednesdays. On the other hand, Collision and ROH will be recorded on Saturdays.
  • As per Fightful Select, Matt Cardona is no longer working with Impact. He had been operating on a verbal agreement for the past two years but the company was looking for a written contract. While there are no hard feelings, Cardona is not interested in signing a deal. However, both parties are open to future collaborations.
  • Before NXT wrestler Sol Ruca suffered a serious injury, the original plan was to promote her to a babyface tag team with Dani Palmer. The intention is to win the NXT tag team titles within a few months, as per Meltzer.
  • According to Wrestling Observer Live’s Bryan Alvarez, there are rumors that AEW has already sold 65,000 tickets for All In at London’s Wembley Stadium on August 27.
  • On his podcast, Freddie Prinze Jr. mentioned IYO SKY’s lack of promo time in WWE and also revealed that WWE had once asked Drew McIntyre to lose his Scottish accent during the early stages of his career.
  • Additionally, the Observer reported that AEW wrestler Komander has been simulating injuries on some of his indie dates lately. It seems that he has been advised to prioritize preserving his body now that he is under contract and making a good salary.

WWE Rumor Roundup (May 05, 2023)

  • BoozerRasslin has sparked a significant discussion regarding the potential inclusion of JD McDonagh in Judgment Day. This speculation arises from JD McDonagh’s recent call-up to Raw in the WWE Draft. Many individuals are interpreting BoozerRasslin’s statement, “JD for JD is being discussed heavily,” in this particular context.
  • According to Bryan Alvarez from Wrestling Observer Radio, the controversial Britt Baker black eye shirt emerged as the highest-selling t-shirt at AEW over the past weekend.
  • Fightful Select reports that WWE initially planned a tag team match for Backlash involving Bad Bunny and Rey Mysterio joining forces against Damian Priest and Dominik Mysterio. However, WWE and Bunny reconsidered their plans and concluded that Bunny could deliver an impressive singles match against Priest.
  • Furthermore, Tama Tonga has been wrestling for NJPW despite not being under contract with the promotion for some time now. WWE had shown interest in signing him previously, but due to the current hiring freeze, he may not have been able to secure a deal.
  • During a recent investors call, CEO Nick Khan disclosed that WWE received a substantial financial subsidy, amounting to a seven-figure sum, for hosting Backlash in Puerto Rico. Brandon Thurston from Wrestlenomics estimates that the precise figure is close to 1.5 million dollars.
  • Based on available information, it appears that May 17, a Wednesday, is the most probable date for AEW to officially announce their new Saturday show, AEW Collision. This conclusion is drawn from the fact that the Warner Bros. Discovery upfronts are scheduled for that day.

WWE Rumor Roundup (May 04, 2023)

  • According to Bryan Alvarez of Wrestling Observer Live, a new regulation has been implemented in WWE. It will prohibit wrestlers from capturing images of their injuries. Moreover, the rule strictly forbids the photographing of any instances of blood.
  • In a subsequent report by Fightful Select regarding AEW’s decision to conclude Dark and Elevation prior to the launch of Collision, it is anticipated that AEW and Warner Bros Discovery will soon announce a “new or modified” television agreement this month. Although this agreement will make all AEW content exclusive to Warner Bros Discovery, Fightful suggests it will not encompass ROH TV. Additionally, both promotions are contemplating signing new talents who will likely be featured primarily in Ring of Honor.
  • Tony Khan recently shared an update on the pre-sale figures for All In. Through a tweet, he revealed that AEW had surpassed the milestone of selling 43,000 tickets. It has resulted in a remarkable revenue of over $5.7 million.
  • Earlier, TK refuted the claim made by ESPN reporter Mike Coppinger that Wembley Stadium would only accommodate 40,000 spectators. The owner of AEW responded emphatically, denouncing the statement as false. He also instructed Coppinger to relay a message to his agent Nick Khan, indicating disdain. Notably, Nick Khan left CAA to join WWE in 2020. However, it remains uncertain if he was still Coppinger’s representative then.
  • On a different note, during a recent investor call, Nick Khan stated that WWE plans to open additional sections of Ford Field in Detroit. It will meet the high demand for SummerSlam tickets.
  • An intriguing speculation in last week’s Wrestling Observer Newsletter poses the question: What if WWE had pursued a different direction? As reported, WWE’s original plan as of November last year was to crown the new World Heavyweight champion on the first night of WrestleMania. At that time, Seth Rollins and Drew McIntyre were considered for the title match. It also had the potential inclusion of Cody Rhodes as a triple threat if The Rock were to face Roman Reigns at SoFi Stadium.

WWE Rumor Roundup (May 03, 2023)

Here are the WWE rumor round-ups from May 03, 2023:

  • According to WrestleVotes, insiders have revealed that Vince McMahon has proposed several concepts for Roman Reigns’ upcoming adversary. However, it appears that some of these ideas were met with disapproval and dismissed.
  • WRKD Wrestling has shared its insights. It states that many individuals behind the scenes are genuinely pleased with the recent reorganization of the rosters. This positive sentiment reflects their optimism for the future, which contradicts Dave Meltzer’s portrayal of chaos within WWE.
  • Additionally, WRKD Wrestling reports that there are preliminary discussions regarding a potential reunion of The Way on Monday Night Raw. Now that all members are part of the same brand, plans are being explored to bring them back together.
  • According to Fightful Select, it was not initially planned to merge the WWE and Universal championships prior to Day 1 last year. However, due to Roman Reigns’ absence from the event due to COVID, a quick decision was made to have Brock Lesnar claim the title. This, in turn, paved the way for a unification match at WrestleMania.
  • As per PW Insider, Robert Roode recently visited Birmingham, Alabama, to undergo evaluation and determine his progress following his neck surgery last year.
  • In an interesting development, it has been observed that Sha Samuels, who was released by WWE in August 2022, was recently spotted at the Performance Center. This raises questions about a potential return or involvement with the company.

WWE Rumor Roundup (May 2, 2023)

Here are the WWE rumor round-ups from May 02nd, 2023:

  • According to the newly emerged and publicly recognized Twitter informant, BoozerRasslin, it is indicated that Alexa Bliss is highly anticipated to make an appearance at the Night of Champions event in Saudi Arabia. It suggests her imminent return following the Backlash event.
  • During an episode of the Oh You Didn’t Know podcast, Road Dogg revealed that WWE has enlisted the services of a fresh writer specifically for Bray Wyatt. He further elaborated by stating, “The subsequent development of this endeavor remains uncertain and shall only unfold as time progresses.”
  • As reported by the local NBC affiliate WESH, the city of Orlando is purportedly vying to host the Royal Rumble next year. Florida’s Orange County officials have allegedly submitted a request for $850,000 to secure the bid. They argue that if Camping World Stadium is selected as the venue for the event, it will yield a staggering $28 million in economic benefit for the region.
  • Following an initial report that refuted the existence of a hiring freeze within WWE, sources from Fightful have reiterated that the company has indeed enforced a hiring freeze since the beginning of the year. The report mentioned several individuals who have recently signed contracts elsewhere. It includes Nick Aldis, who is reported of interest to WWE but cannot be signed due to ongoing “corporate moves.”
  • According to a report from Fightful Select regarding Aldis’ contract with Impact, it appears to be a short-term agreement. The contract will serve as a “feeling-out process” for both parties involved.
  • Insider Gaming has announced that all promotional materials for AEW Fight Forever have been completed, and the marketing team is now awaiting the green light to commence the promotional campaign for the game.
  • Fightful Select’s sources largely corroborate what has already been disclosed by others regarding CM Punk’s visit to Impact. However, they did unveil a new detail indicating that Punk engaged in a game of Uno with some of the numerous Impact talents he conversed with.

Rhea Ripley and Bray Wyatt as a duo could be an intimidating force.

Rhea Ripley already commands attention on WWE RAW but paired with Bray Wyatt, she would be virtually unstoppable.

This partnership might propel Judgment Day to become the most dominant faction in WWE, surpassing even The Bloodline. Since they are now on separate brands, Wyatt could potentially vie for the World Heavyweight Championship and claim the title.

Whether this momentous event takes place at Night of Champions or further down the line remains uncertain. Fans eagerly await Wyatt’s return before such a scenario can unfold

WWE Rumor Roundup (May 1, 2023): Welcome to our in-depth analysis of the latest rumors and speculations surrounding the world of professional wrestling. In this article, we delve into the electrifying return of CM Punk, the anticipated location of WrestleMania 41, and the ongoing journey of Bray Wyatt within WWE. Join us as we uncover the thrilling details and discuss the impact these events have on the wrestling landscape.

CM Punk’s Monumental Return to the Ring

The wrestling world was sent into a frenzy when news broke of CM Punk’s long-awaited return to the ring. After an absence of several years, fans and fellow wrestlers alike were left eagerly anticipating his comeback. With his enigmatic persona, unparalleled mic skills, and exceptional in-ring ability, CM Punk captured the hearts of millions during his initial tenure in WWE. Now, the rumors of his return have set the wrestling community ablaze.

Unraveling the Speculation: CM Punk’s Potential Impact on the Wrestling Industry

If the rumors prove true, CM Punk’s return would undoubtedly shake the foundations of the wrestling industry. His undeniable talent and magnetic personality would inject a renewed sense of energy and excitement among fans. Moreover, his return could potentially attract a broader audience and reignite the passion of lapsed wrestling enthusiasts.

The CM Punk Effect on WWE’s Ratings and Popularity

Historically, CM Punk has proven to be a significant draw for WWE. During his initial run, his captivating storylines, engaging promos, and exceptional in-ring performances propelled WWE’s viewership and popularity to new heights. If he were to step back into the squared circle, it is highly plausible that WWE’s ratings would soar once again, bolstering the company’s overall success.

The Potential Dream Matches and Storylines

CM Punk’s return opens up a plethora of tantalizing possibilities for dream matches and compelling storylines. Fans have long yearned to witness clashes between CM Punk and current top talents, such as Roman Reigns, Seth Rollins, or AJ Styles. These matchups would undoubtedly create a buzz and attract a massive global audience. Additionally, the potential for gripping narratives, with CM Punk at the center, would create an enthralling atmosphere within WWE.

WrestleMania 41: A Spectacle of Grand Proportions

As the crown jewel of professional wrestling, WrestleMania continues to captivate audiences worldwide. The excitement surrounding WrestleMania 41 is already building, as fans eagerly await its announcement and location. While official details remain scarce, rumors have begun circulating, sparking speculation about the grand stage on which this iconic event will unfold.

Unveiling the WrestleMania 41 Location: An Exhilarating Quest

The location of WrestleMania is always a hot topic within the wrestling community. Fans eagerly anticipate the unveiling of the host city, as it sets the stage for an unforgettable experience. While no official confirmation has been made, the rumor mill has been abuzz with potential locations for WrestleMania 41.

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