Austin Theory’s Secret Girlfriend Revealed!

austin theory wife

Austin Theory Wife: Austin Tyler White, a renowned professional wrestler and bodybuilder hailing from the United States, was born on August 2, 1997. Currently associated with WWE, he actively competes under the name Austin Theory in the RAW brand, where he holds the prestigious title of WWE United States Champion, marking his second reign.

Prior to joining WWE, Theory made a name for himself in the independent wrestling circuit. He showcased his talent and determination by competing in various promotions affiliated with the World Wrestling Network, such as Full Impact Pro (FIP) and Evolve. During his tenure, he achieved notable accolades, including the WWN Championship, FIP World Heavyweight Championship, and Evolve Championship.

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Who is Austin Theory’s Girlfriend?

Jordyn Leonard has been romantically involved with Austin Theory for the past four years. As Theory’s girlfriend, Leonard not only supports but also appreciates his chosen profession. Their shared passion for fitness has further strengthened their compatibility. While there are no immediate plans for marriage, their fans eagerly anticipate their future together.

Although the couple has been together for approximately four years, they prefer to keep their relationship relatively private. While they were once frequently seen together in public, their appearances together have significantly reduced. The status of Austin Theory and Jordyn Leonard’s relationship has sparked curiosity among many fans. However, the absence of any reports suggesting a breakup indicates that they are still happily united.

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How old is Jordyn Leonard?

The exact age of Jordyn Leonard is unknown, but she appears to be in her mid-20s, judging by her appearance and demeanor.

What is Jordyn Leonard’s Net Worth?

According to various sources, Jordyn Leonard’s estimated net worth is around $100,000. Her financial success can be attributed to her work as an online fitness coach. In addition to her coaching endeavors, she earns an additional $54,000 per year through bonuses and endorsements.

What does Jordyn Leonard do for a living?

Jordyn Leonard, Austin Theory’s girlfriend, is an accomplished online fitness coach. Her Instagram account is flooded with images capturing her dedication at the gym, and her videos are well-received by fitness enthusiasts, evident by her impressive following of over 14k individuals.

While Jordyn prefers to keep her personal life private, she did share some pictures with Austin in the past. However, she has since deleted them, possibly to maintain their privacy. Jordyn possesses a deep passion for bodybuilding and modeling, and she remains steadfast in pursuing these fields. In 2018, she participated in a bodybuilding competition, where she secured an admirable second-place finish.

Jordyn’s unwavering dedication led her to earn a spot in the nationals. After her second-place achievement, she penned a heartfelt note expressing gratitude to her coach, showcasing her understanding of the significance of her endeavors. Since then, she has been actively involved in the fitness industry, continuously striving for growth.

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How long have Austin Theory and Jordyn Leonard been dating?

Austin Theory and Jordyn Leonard commenced their relationship when Theory was 21 years old, marking their four-year anniversary. However, the details surrounding their initial meeting remain undisclosed.

On June 25, 2019, Leonard expressed her admiration for her “Bebee” Austin on her Instagram, stating, “I love always having someone there that pushes me to the limit and helps me reach my goals. The support I receive is unlike any other. I couldn’t ask for more.”

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