World Test Championship Final Scenarios: What Occurs if the Match Ends in a Tie or is Affected by Rain?

wtc final scenarios

WTC Final Scenarios: As ardent cricket fans eagerly anticipate the highly awaited World Test Championship (WTC) 2023 final between India and Australia, it is vital to grasp the potential outcomes that may transpire during the match. In this comprehensive guide, we delve into the possible scenarios. We will specifically focus on the implications of a drawn match or a cancellation due to adverse weather conditions.

The Excitement Surrounding the WTC Final

The World Test Championship Final signifies the culmination of a two-year-long journey. Here the top two cricketing nations vie for the coveted championship title. Scheduled to be held at the Kennington Oval between June 7 and 11, 2023, this much-anticipated showdown promises to be a riveting contest between India and the number one ranked team Australia, a formidable opponent known for their exceptional performances.

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The Consequences of a Tie

If the World Test Championship Final ends in a tie, both India and Australia will share the trophy. This outcome would imply that neither team could secure a definitive victory within the allotted playing time. Despite the absence of a clear winner, it is important to acknowledge the incredible skills and determination displayed by both sides throughout the tournament. It will culminate in their presence in this prestigious final.

The Ramifications of a Rainout

Cricket matches are often disrupted by inclement weather conditions, and the World Test Championship Final is no exception. If the game is entirely canceled due to persistent rain or other adverse weather conditions, the trophy will be shared by the two teams. While it may be disappointing for players and fans alike, ensuring the safety of the players and maintaining the integrity of the game is of utmost importance, and sometimes unpredictable weather patterns can intervene.

Reserve Day: A Potential Lifesaver

To mitigate the impact of weather-related disruptions, the International Cricket Council (ICC) has allocated a reserve day for the World Test Championship Final. This additional day serves as a contingency plan and allows for the possibility of extending the match to ensure a result is achieved. The reserve day will only come into play if time is lost due to adverse weather conditions during the scheduled playing days.

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Penalties for Slow Over Rates

One crucial aspect that teams must keep in mind is maintaining an acceptable over rate during the match. If either India or Australia is found to have a slow over rate, the match referee may impose penalties. These penalties can range from fines to, in severe cases, a deduction of championship points. It is imperative for both teams to adhere to the rules and regulations to avoid any potential repercussions.


The World Test Championship Final between India and Australia is poised to enthrall cricket enthusiasts worldwide. Whether the match culminates in a decisive outcome, ends in a tie, or is affected by adverse weather conditions, the significance of this prestigious tournament cannot be overstated. As a cricket aficionado, stay tuned to witness the exhilarating contest unfold and celebrate the culmination of two years of exceptional Test cricket. May the superior team emerge victorious and etch their name in the annals of cricketing history!

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