Pakistan Out of Asia Cup 2023: BCCI Secretary Jay Shah, who also serves as the Chairman of the Asian Cricket Council (ACC), has reportedly made it explicitly clear that India and other member nations have dismissed PCB Chief Najam Sethi’s proposal of a hybrid model to host the Asia Cup 2023. Does it mean Pakistan is out of Asia Cup 2023? Let us find out!

The PCB suggested a “hybrid model” wherein four or five matches would be held in Pakistan, while the remaining matches, including all of India’s matches, would take place in Dubai. However, this proposal was turned down by India, citing concerns about the extreme heat in the UAE during September.

During informal discussions with the heads of member nations in Ahmedabad, Shah emphasized the need for a single location to conduct the tournament, and he proposed Sri Lanka as the ideal venue.

According to a report in The Telegraph, Pakistan will be informed unequivocally at the next executive board meeting of the ACC that all other participating nations have agreed to play in Sri Lanka. PCB’s attempt to find support for their model to host the Asia Cup in September has failed.

What Happens if Pakistan is Thrown Out of Asia Cup 2023?

In the event that Pakistan decides to withdraw from the Asia Cup, India, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, and Afghanistan will be the four teams to participate in the tournament. The decision to include a fifth team will be made later.

However, the BCCI’s refusal to tour Pakistan and reject the hybrid model may have significant repercussions, as India is set to host the ODI World Cup 2023 in October-November, and Pakistan may retaliate by refusing to tour India.

ICC Chairman Greg Barclay and CEO Geoff Allardice are currently in Lahore seeking assurance from Pakistan regarding their participation in the World Cup, amid the conflict surrounding the Asia Cup.

Meanwhile, the PCB management has reportedly informed them that Pakistan’s participation in the World Cup in India is contingent upon government clearance.

“If the government permits us to play in India for the World Cup, despite India not touring Pakistan for the Asia Cup, then we will be prepared to do so,” Sethi told The Telegraph earlier this month.

Will Pakistan Demand Neutral Venues in ICC World Cup 2023?

On the other hand, one of the reasons the PCB’s proposed hybrid model for the Asia Cup was rejected is the concern that if this tournament is played under such a model, Pakistan may demand the same arrangement for the World Cup.

The PCB Chief had already stated that if India refuses to tour Pakistan and wants to play its matches at a neutral venue, Pakistan might do the same during the World Cup and request the ICC to host its matches in Sri Lanka or Bangladesh.

However, the BCCI will not agree if Pakistan intends to play its matches at a neutral venue. The message conveyed to the PCB and ICC is clear: “Play in India or nothing.” The fixtures for the World Cup are expected to be announced during the World Test Championship final in London next week.