The 2023 FIH Men’s Hockey World Cup kicked off onJanuary 13. The opening match of this year’s Hockey World Cup was played between Argentina and South Africa at the Kalinga Stadium in Bhubaneswar, Odisha. Argentine won the opening match of the world cup 1-0. In total, 16 teams will participate in this year’s mega hockey event. Let us find out the Hockey World Cup 2023 schedule in the section below. 

FIH Hockey World Cup Detailed Schedule 2023 and Venues

The schedule and the venues for this year’s Men’s Hockey World Cup to be hosted by India have been given in the table below – 

Argentina vs South AfricaGroupJan 1313:00 HRSBhubaneswar
Australia vs FranceGroupJan 1315:00 HRSBhubaneswar
England vs WalesGroupJan 1317:00 HRSBhubaneswar
India vs SpainGroupJan 1319:00 HRSRourkela
Chile vs New ZealandGroupJan 1413:00 HRSRourkela
Malaysia vs NetherlandGroupJan 1415:00 HRSRourkela
Belgium vs KoreaGroupJan 1417:00 HRSBhubaneswar
Germany vs JapanGroupJan 1419:00 HRSBhubaneswar
Spain vs WalesGroupJan 1517:00 HRSRourkela
England vs IndiaGroupJan 1519:00 HRSRourkela
Chile vs MalaysiaGroupJan 1613:00 HRSRourkela
Netherlands vs New ZealandGroupJan 1615:00 HRSRourkela
France vs South AfricaGroupJan 1617:00 HRSBhubaneswar
Argentina vs AustraliaGroupJan 1619:00 HRSBhubaneswar
Japan vs KoreaGroupJan 1717:00 HRSBhubaneswar
Belgium vs GermanyGroupJan 1719:00 HRSBhubaneswar
Malaysia vs New ZealandGroupJan 1913:00 HRSBhubaneswar
Chile vs NetherlandsGroupJan 1915:00 HRSBhubaneswar
England vs SpainGroupJan 1917:00 HRSBhubaneswar
India vs WalesGroupJan 1919:00 HRSBhubaneswar
Australia vs South AfricaGroupJan 2013:00 HRSRourkela
Argentina vs FranceGroupJan 2015:00 HRSRourkela
Belgium vs JapanGroupJan 2017:00 HRSRourkela
Germany vs KoreaGroupJan 2019:00 HRSRourkela
2nd Pool C vs 3rd Pool DCrossoverJan 2216:30 HRSBhubaneswar
2nd Pool D vs 3rd Pool CCrossoverJan 2219:00 HRSBhubaneswar
2nd Pool A vs 3rd Pool BCrossoverJan 2316:30 HRSBhubaneswar
2nd Pool B vs 3rd Pool ACrossoverJan 2319:00 HRSBhubaneswar
1st Pool A vs Winner 25QuarterfinalJan 2416:30 HRSBhubaneswar
1st Pool B vs Winner 26QuarterfinalJan 2419:00 HRSBhubaneswar
1st Pool C vs Winner 27QuarterfinalJan 2516:30 HRSBhubaneswar
1st Pool D vs Winner 28QuarterfinalJan 2519:00 HRSBhubaneswar
4th Pool A vs Loser 259-16 ClassificationJan 2611:30 HRSRourkela
4th Pool B vs Loser 269-16 ClassificationJan 2614:30 HRSRourkela
4th Pool C vs Loser 279-16 ClassificationJan 2616:30 HRSRourkela
4th Pool D vs Loser 289-16 ClassificationJan 2619:00 HRSRourkela
Winner 29 vs Winner 32SemifinalJan 2716:30 HRSBhubaneswar
Winner 30 vs Winner 31SemifinalJan 2719:00 HRSBhubaneswar
Loser 33 vs Loser 3413-16 ClassificationJan 2811:30 HRSRourkela
Loser 35 vs Loser 3613-16 ClassificationJan 2814:00 HRSRourkela
Winner 33 vs Winner 349-12 ClassificationJan 2816:30 HRSRourkela
Winner 35 vs Winner 369-12 ClassificationJan 2819:00 HRSRourkela
Loser 37 vs Loser 383rd PlaceJan 2916:30 HRSBhubaneswar
Winner 37 vs Winner 38FinalJan 2919:00 HRSBhubaneswar

Who is the FIH Men’s Hockey World Cup Defending Champion?

Belgium is the reigning FIH Men’s Hockey World Cup defending champions. Belgium defeated the Netherlands in the final of the hockey world cup in 2018. India hosted the previous hockey world cup and this is the second consecutive they are hosting this tournament.