How Fernando Alonso Manipulates His Opponents?

Fernando Alonso

Fernando Alonso and Mark Webber have been acquainted with each other since the early 2000s, during their time in the Formula 3000 championship.  Webber and Fernando Alonso both achieved success in the lower divisions, finishing third and fourth, respectively, in the 2000 season. They now have a future in Formula One thanks to this.

At the Formula 3000 race at Spa-Francorchamps, Webber recalls facing off against a possible world champion for the first time. Webber stated in an exclusive interview with RacingNews365, “When I watched him pass through Eau Rouge, I exclaimed, “Yes, okay!” In Spa, as well as in Budapest, he was extremely swift and proficient. He became fiercely competitive right away. Later on, I knew he would be unstoppable.”

When did Fernando Alonso and Webber Meet?

Webber and Alonso met early in their F1 careers. Alonso made his Formula 3000 debut at Minardi in 2001, then in 2002, he shifted to the Renault family. In 2003, he began competing regularly for the French team and won two world championships. Our careers overlapped to a significant extent, and we always got along, says Webber of their concurrent Formula One careers.

Their relationship held despite them turning into rivals. Weber continues, “He treated me with crazy fairness. Even though we spent almost 40% of our careers together, I think the friendship was helpful, yet we never even touched!”

How Alonso Manipulates his Opponents

Webber respects Alonso’s capacity to combine brains with speed. In races against opponents, the two-time world champion anticipates them and adjusts. He constantly strives to be surprising in a positive way. fair manner. Also, he tries to influence your racing lines and deliver contaminated air to your vehicle, said Webber. Fernando is someone who is always asking themselves, “How can I make things as tough for you as possible?”

They sometimes trained together while they were employed by Minardi. “He was simply a real animal,” recalls Webber. Both of them projected a sense of rivalry. Even a basketball game was played once in Melbourne, but when Alonso started losing, things became serious. ” He was becoming agitated because he was losing.

Even though Webber moved closer to the Red Bull family and Alonso followed the Ferrari road, they remained in touch and had a positive connection. Alonso’s lift with the Red Bull driver at the 2013 Singapore GP was one of many memorable moments. It resulted from their mutual appreciation for each other’s fair dueling.

Alonso never tried to hide his interest in other racing divisions, as evidenced by his latest attempt to complete the Triple Crown, needing only to win the Indianapolis 500. Webber was not shocked by Alonso’s entry into the IndyCar series, but he was impressed that the driver had the guts to attempt such a risky endeavor despite several severe wrecks. “Look at how much karting he does, he just wants to do anything he can strap himself into behind a wheel.”

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