Barcelona vs Juventus: FC Barcelona’s highly anticipated friendly match against Juventus, which was scheduled for Saturday evening, has been unexpectedly suspended. The club made an official announcement via Twitter. It stated that the game, part of the Soccer Champions Tour, will not take place. It was planned at Levi’s Stadium at 7:30 PM. The reason for the cancellation is a viral gastroenteritis outbreak that has affected a significant number of Blaugrana squad members.

The Viral Gastroenteritis Outbreak

Victor Malo, director of El Espanol’s Culemania page, disclosed that as many as eight Barca players have fallen ill due to viral gastroenteritis. This illness, however, is not merely a case of gastric trouble. The club suspects that one of the players might have contracted the virus during a vacation in Africa. It was there they lacked the required vaccinations for that specific region.

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Alejandro Balde’s Suspected Connection

Though FC Barcelona has not officially confirmed any player’s involvement, Twitter users have speculated that Alejandro Balde, who visited his father’s homeland Guinea-Bissau in late June, might be the Barca star in question. It is essential to note that these reports are yet to be verified by the club.

Affected Players

SPORT, a reliable sports news outlet, has reported that among those affected by the illness, Alejandro Balde is one of the players who has fallen ill. Jules Kounde was the first to feel unwell, according to the newspaper. Later, he was joined by Balde, Eric Garcia, and recent transfer market acquisition Oriol Romeu.

Precautionary Measures and Recovery

The club is taking all necessary precautions to prevent the spread of the viral infection further among the team members and support staff. Immediate medical attention and care are being provided to those who have fallen ill. There is a dedicated medical team monitoring their recovery.

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Impact on the Soccer Champions Tour

The suspension of this much-anticipated friendly match with Juventus is undoubtedly a disappointment for fans and soccer enthusiasts. However, the health and well-being of the players must take precedence, and the club’s decision to prioritize their recovery is commendable.

Rescheduling and Further Updates

As of now, FC Barcelona has not provided any information about the rescheduling of the match. Fans and stakeholders will have to wait for official updates from the club to learn about the next steps regarding the friendly match with Juventus.


FC Barcelona’s friendly match suspension due to a viral gastroenteritis outbreak serves as a reminder of the importance of health and safety in the world of sports. While fans may be disappointed by the postponement, it is crucial to prioritize the well-being of the players and staff. As the situation develops, the club will keep fans informed about any updates and rescheduling plans. Let us all wish the affected players a swift and full recovery.