NFL Star Overcomes Disability, Amasses Millions, and Shocks the League with Early Retirement

shaquem griffin net worth

Shaquem Griffin Net Worth: Linebacker Shaquem Griffin, aged 27, has officially announced his retirement from the National Football League (NFL). Griffin, an esteemed alumnus of the University of Central Florida (UCF), had a relatively short stint in the league. He played for a mere three seasons. Throughout his career, he started one game, recorded 25 combined tackles, and delivered six quarterback hits.

Griffin’s journey to the NFL is nothing short of remarkable, considering the challenges he has overcome. Having undergone the amputation of his hand at the age of four due to amniotic band syndrome, his ability to reach the NFL is a significant accomplishment. In 2018, he made history as the first-ever one-handed player to be drafted. He was selected by the Seattle Seahawks in the fifth round of the NFL Draft.

Despite being waived by Seattle in 2020, Griffin persevered and continued pursuing his NFL dreams. He underwent tryouts for various teams but failed to secure a contract until he signed with the Miami Dolphins last season. Unfortunately, he was released by the team before the start of the year.

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Now, after spending three years in the NFL, Griffin is embarking on the next chapter of his life, looking ahead to new opportunities and endeavors.

Shaquem Griffin’s Current Net Worth

Shaquem Griffin’s brief NFL career has brought him financial success, solidifying his position among the affluent in the United States. According to, the 27-year-old linebacker had a net worth of $1.5 million last year, a notable achievement. Recent estimations from place his current net worth anywhere between $3 million and $5 million.

Similar to many NFL players, Griffin has attracted lucrative endorsement deals. He inked a partnership with Nike and had potential collaborations with Eleven James, Bose, and JCPenney, as reported by

During his time in the league, Griffin signed a four-year contract with the Seahawks worth $2.8 million, which included guaranteed money—an impressive sum for a college graduate entering the professional sports arena.

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The specific details of Griffin’s earnings from endorsements remain undisclosed, as athletes often keep such information private. Nevertheless, it is reasonable to speculate that any deal involving Nike would have provided the linebacker with a substantial financial boost.

In his heartfelt piece published in the Players’ Tribune, Griffin revealed that football had always been his Plan B. As instilled by his father, his primary focus was to pursue a college education and establish a successful future for himself.

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While his NFL career may not have unfolded as he had hoped, Griffin gave it his all and played in 46 professional football games—a remarkable feat that few can claim to have accomplished.

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