Unbelievable Mix-up: YouTuber Mistakenly Declared Owner of Kidz Bop

who owns kidz bop

Who Owns Kidz Bop: YouTuber Elise Ecklund finds herself caught in a comical mix-up involving Kidz Bop. Recently, a manipulated image of an internet search result falsely presented her as the owner of the renowned music brand. Much to Ecklund’s surprise, she discovered this misleading information on the internet. She then took to Twitter to inform her fans that she had been wrongly labeled as the owner of the children’s music group.

In her tweet, Ecklund shared a screenshot of the search interface. It was adorned with Kidz Bop’s signature purple trademark color and playful typography. The page displayed her name alongside the establishment date of 2001. In her caption, Ecklund expressed her bewilderment:

“Seriously, who did this? Kidz Bop is gonna come after me, y’all.”

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As a content creator who also shares music-related videos, Ecklund incorporated the screenshot of the erroneous information page as the background in one of her YouTube shorts. While acknowledging that she initially perceived it as a joke, she admitted not knowing who was responsible for setting up the page.

The 25-year-old star emphasized that the prank had gone too far. She later clarified that she has no ownership stake in the multimillion-dollar enterprise. Towards the end of the video, Ecklund candidly mentioned her state of anxiety, confessing that she was “kind of freaking out.”

Who Owns Kidz Bop?

Kidz Bop, the popular American children’s music group, is actually owned by Razor & Tie, a subsidiary of Concord Music. Since its inception in the early 2000s, Kidz Bop has gained immense popularity by producing contemporary and pop music covers tailored for young audiences.

With over 22 million albums sold and more than six billion streams, Kidz Bop has achieved remarkable success. The group has achieved 24 top 10 debuts on the Billboard 200 charts, according to their official website. Furthermore, they boast records in five different languages.

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Now let’s delve into Elise Ecklund’s story. Despite the mix-up, Ecklund has no association with the music brand and does not hold any ownership rights. Nonetheless, she has established herself as a notable personality in her own right.

Ecklund launched her YouTube channel in 2015, captivating audiences with her musical talent. Her content predominantly features covers of popular songs, which she skillfully recreates using her ukulele. Additionally, she is proficient in playing the guitar, didgeridoo, and even dabbles in “learning” the Kazoo.

Initially focusing on music-related content, Ecklund began incorporating quirky videos into her channel as her viewership grew. For instance, she documented experiences like handcuffing herself to her sister for a day or attempting to live on her balcony for a day.

Notably, Ecklund holds the world record for releasing the shortest officially recognized song. Her track “I Suffer More,” released in May 2019, is a mere four seconds long. With over 50 million views and more than 700,000 subscribers on YouTube, Ecklund has undeniably made a name for herself in the digital realm.

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