Reggie Bush Wife: Former American football running back Reginald (Reggie) Bush enjoyed a prosperous career while representing the New Orleans Saints in the National Football League (NFL). The Saints selected him with the second overall pick in the 2006 NFL Draught. Bush played college football for the University of Southern California (USC) before beginning his professional career. He made excellent progress during his time in college, taking home the coveted Heisman Trophy as the country’s best player.

He was also honored with the consensus All-American recognition twice and received awards such as the 2005 Doak Walker and Walter Camp awards. In 2008, Bush demonstrated his versatility as a player by being named an All-Pro punt returner. In 2010, he won Super Bowl XLIV with the New Orleans Saints, defeating the Indianapolis Colts, and realized his greatest triumph.

Bush also played for clubs including the Buffalo Bills, Miami Dolphins, Detroit Lions, and San Francisco 49ers over the course of his career. However, there were claims that Reggie Bush received unlawful Heisman Trophy advantages, which prompted the NCAA to look into the USC football program.
USC consequently received harsh punishments, which included a two-year playoff suspension and the loss of the 2004 national championship trophy.

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In response to the turmoil, Bush made the decision to voluntarily surrender his Heisman Trophy. He officially retired from the NFL in 2017 and has since taken on a role as a college football analyst for Fox Sports. Additionally, Bush became a partner and spokesperson for the skincare company Barc in 2012.

Who is Reggie Bush’s Wife?

Reggie Bush is happily married to Lilit Avagyan, a renowned Armenian dancer. Lilit was born on November 30, 1987, in Armenia and developed a passion for dancing at a young age. She dedicated 12 years of her life to honing her dancing skills in Europe before pursuing a career as a professional dancer. Lilit has received numerous awards for her exceptional talent, including winning the USA National Championships in 2008 and qualifying for the 2013 Latin American World Championship in Australia, where she represented the USA.

She also emerged victorious in the Rising Star Open dance competition held in Florida in 2010. Lilit has showcased her skills as a guest performer on the popular show “Dancing with the Stars” during Ashlee Simpson’s season 6 performance of “Boys.” Apart from English, Lilit is fluent in Armenian and Russian.

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What is Lilit Avagyan’s Profession and Net Worth?

As a dance instructor, Lilit Avagyan earns an estimated annual income of approximately $50,000. Her net worth is anticipated to be around $15 million as of 2022 thanks to her success and labor of love.
Lilit Avagyan was born on November 30, 1987, making her 35 years old at the moment.

How Tall is Lilit Avagyan?

She is 168 centimeters (5 feet 6 inches) tall. Lilit was born in Armenia, but her parents later moved to America, granting her citizenship. Her ethnicity is Armenian.

Lilit Avagyan’s professional career revolves around dance. She is not only a professional dancer but also a dance teacher and choreographer. Her talent has allowed her to participate in notable events such as Louis Van Amstel’s Ballroom With The Twist. Furthermore, Lilit has showcased her skills as a guest dancer on the popular ABC show “Dancing with the Stars.”

Reggie Bush and Lilit Avagyan began their relationship in 2011. Reggie had a three-year on-and-off romance with Kim Kardashian before they started dating. On July 12, 2014, Reggie and Lilit exchanged wedding vows after a two-year courtship. After six years of blissful marriage, they are still creating their future together.

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Reggie Bush and Lilit’s Wedding

The wedding of Lilit Avagyan and Reggie Bush was an extravagant ceremony held in San Diego, Reggie’s hometown. The event was attended by notable celebrities and family members. The couple exchanged their vows at the Grand Del Mar Hotel in San Diego. Lilit looked stunning in a mermaid-style gown with a sweetheart neckline, adorned with intricate beading, flower accents, and a flowing tulle skirt. Reggie wore a classic black and white tuxedo with a bow tie, complementing Lilit’s elegance.

Reggie and Lilit are proud parents to three beautiful children. Briseis, their seven-year-old daughter, and Agyemang, their five- and three-year-old sons, are their other children. During the coronavirus pandemic, they prioritized social distancing and spent quality time together as a family. Reggie mentioned that homeschooling the children was challenging but also a valuable learning experience for both him and Lilit.