John Creech: The Tale of the Murderer of Fox Actor Gavin Smith

john creech

Dateline NBC has announced the re-examination of the high-profile murder case of Gavin Smith, a Fox executive and actor. The case was marked by a series of surprising twists and turns. The revelations led to the capture of John Lenzie Creech, the murderer, whose wife was having an affair with Gavin. The case garnered a lot of media attention due to its sensational nature.

Before Gavin’s remains were discovered in a remote area by some hikers, the authorities had already presumed him dead after finding his car in a storage facility in Simi Valley, California. The investigation then led to John Creech after the authorities uncovered his connection with Gavin through Chandrika Cade-Creech, his wife.

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About John Lenzie Creech?

John Lenzie Creech, a convicted drug dealer, was the prime suspect in the murder investigation of Gavin Smith. Gavin and Chandrika met at a drug rehabilitation center in 2008. Following this they continued their on-and-off affair for the next four years.

Initially reported as a missing person, Gavin’s car was later discovered in a storage facility. It contained his dried blood, prompting an investigation into his disappearance. Following additional investigation, John Creech was charged with murder. According to the prosecution, he allegedly followed his ex-wife to the location of their scheduled meeting, where he allegedly beat Gavin to death using only his bare hands while Chandrika was present and pleading with him to stop.

She testified under a grant of immunity and also disclosed that Creech burned off his clothes and then enlisted friends to hide Smith’s bloody car and his body.

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John Creech was found not guilty of the most serious accusations, including first- and second-degree murder, during his trial. However, in addition to the eight years in jail, he already had to serve for a narcotics conviction, he was also found guilty of voluntary manslaughter and given a sentence of 11 years in total.

He is currently serving time at Folsom State Prison in Represa, California, with a scheduled parole date in January 2025.

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