Is IShowSpeed Gay: IShowSpeed, is a well-known internet personality, streamer, and YouTuber from the United States. He is recognized for his live streams of video games such as Valorant, Roblox, Fortnite, and FIFA. Unfortunately, he gained notoriety for exhibiting offensive and violent behavior toward his fellow gamers, cameras, and gadgets during his live streams. As a known personality, it is not unusual to be surrounded by rumors. And for online personalities like IShowSpeed, these can become more extreme.

IShowSpeed has repeatedly made headlines for his statements, reactions to occasions, and responses to people. He was often criticized for his lack of respect toward other human beings, and his informal behavior toward others was observed by many. He was even in the news for making rape threats and sexual slurs to women, leading some to believe that he might be gay.

IShowSpeed Gay Controversy

In mid-September of 2021, he acknowledged in a conversation with musician Ava that he was gay. His coming out was celebrated by many, as it is always admirable when people have the courage and open-mindedness to come out. However, the next day he made a contradictory announcement, stating that he does not identify as gay. This caused confusion among his fans, who searched the internet again for answers to the question “Is IShowSpeed Gay?”

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IShowSpeed later posted a video, apologizing for any misunderstandings and explaining that he made the announcement because he was angry during the previous day’s live stream. He also clarified that he is straight, asking fans to trust him on this.

IShowSpeed, whose real name is Darren Watkins Jr., was born in 2005 and is from Cincinnati, Ohio. He is also a musician, showing talent in rap, singing, and songwriting, with interests in hip-hop, pop, and trap genres. His YouTube channel “IShowSpeed” has over 15.2 million followers and 1.1 billion total views. He is associated with other content and video creators, such as Chunkz, Kai Cenat, Adin Ross, and Sideman.

At present, IShowSpeed is not dating anyone. His behavior towards the homosexual community and his contradictory statements have led to criticism from his fans and speculators. Some of his haters have claimed that he is gay but recanted his statement to avoid controversy. In any case, people are still waiting for him to reveal his sexual orientation.