Jamie Lee Curtis Painting: Jamie Lee Curtis has voiced her concerns over a disturbing piece of art that attracted attention after someone used it as the backdrop for one of her Instagram pictures. People discovered the concerning tweet when 64-year-old Curtis appeared to be using social media to pass the time at home while recovering from the coronavirus she contracted after the Golden Globes on January 10th.

Following the incident, she shared a picture of her workspace. It included a round table and chairs that were seen in the movie “Everything Everywhere All At Once,” on Facebook and Instagram.

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She wrote these lines to go with the picture: “Alright. This post is exceptional. But I don’t care because I have Covid. I spoke about how these wonderful Pollack chairs from the movie ended up in my office during one of the SAG nomination panels for the film “Everything, Everywhere.”

Although Curtis wanted her post to help viewers picture the story she had told during the panel, it wasn’t the table and chairs that provoked discussion in the comments. A screenshot of the tweet was taken by Rogan O’Handley. She is a right-wing activist and lawyer from Washington, D.C., who claimed it showed a “child crammed into a suitcase.”

Following the removal of the post, Curtis issued a statement this week in response to the framed photo that was included in the post. She said, “Last week, I uploaded a photo of several chairs with an image on the wall taken by an artist who gave it to me 20 years ago. I understand that it has upset some people. I’ll be honest, as I always am, and tell you the truth.

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The picture shows a young girl sitting in a bathtub of water. She is having fun in their garden, which her mother captured. There are no secret goals or hidden agendas. Because I didn’t want to spread something that would upset anyone, I erased the post.

Later, Curtis took down the post. After Curtis gave her explanation, the actress’s supporters stood by her. They claimed that the actress shouldn’t have felt pressured to remove the post. “I just focused on the chairs when I saw the post. Please don’t let these people control how you behave. Share it if it makes you happy,” said one fan, while another added: “There’s no need to elaborate. People need to quit overreacting to everything! The sense of loss among today’s kids is understandable.

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Photographer Betsy Schneider captured the contentious picture.