Charleston White, an American social commentator, author and speaker, has made it to the headlines again for his racist rant targeting the Asian community. His recent racial slurs against the Asian community have gone viral across various social media platforms. His rants have drawn criticism from many users on these platforms. The extreme public backlash has forced the producers of his upcoming comedy show alongside Akademiks to cancel the show. 

It is to be noted that this is not the first instance of White making offensive remarks. White previously commented on various social and political issues, including race relations, criminal justice, and the prison system. 

Charleston White Background and Previous Incidents

Charleston White is an enigma who gained notoriety for his social commentary, public speaking and writing activities online. His bold and frequently insulting comments on several social and political issues, like race relations, criminal justice, and the prison system, has drawn attention.

Charleston, who was raised in Texas, has stated that he was a member of a gang when he was younger. Convicted: The First Time Sentenced to Prison, a memoir about his life, is a book about his experiences in prison that he has written and spoken openly about. He has developed a following recently on social media sites like Instagram and YouTube, where he publishes videos outlining his opinions on numerous subjects.

He has additionally encountered a great deal of criticism for his contentious remarks. They included remarks deemed to be homophobic, sexist, and racist. Several have condemned him for fostering hate and division and for maintaining unfavorable stereotypes.

What did White say to Rapper China Mac?

In addition to spewing hatred towards the Asian community, Charleston White also spat expletives at rapper China Mac. After the incident, China Mac took to his social media account to criticize White’s indecent comments regarding the Asian community. 

What did China Mac say in Reply to Charleston White?

China Mac dished out at Charleston White for his expletives through his social media account. He also questioned the Akademiks if they would continue with their collaboration after White’s racist remarks about the Asian community.