Offside Soccer Manga: Crunchyroll has recently expanded its content library by including all 39 episodes of the anime adaptation of Natsuko Heiuchi’s Offside soccer manga. This exciting addition took place last Thursday and is available to a global audience, except for Asia, with the notable inclusion of India. Notably, this marks the anime’s inaugural official release in English for North American viewers.

According to the streaming service, the anime’s opening episode sets the stage by introducing Kumagaya Goro, the dedicated goalkeeper for Shirayuri Junior High. The team’s struggle, having not secured a victory in the past three years, serves as a central theme.

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Originally aired from May 2001 to January 2002, the anime was under the directorial guidance of Seiji Okuda. Overseeing the series composition was Takao Koyama, while the characters’ design was expertly handled by Mari Tominaga and Yutaka Arai. The aesthetic direction was masterfully handled by Mitsuharu Miyamae, while the captivating music was composed by Masayuki Sakamoto.

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It’s noteworthy that this series is a re-imagination of a 1993 original video anime, itself derived from Heiuchi’s manga. Heiuchi’s manga made its debut in Kodansha’s Weekly Shōnen Magazine back in 1987 and concluded in 1992. Over the manga’s run, Kodansha compiled and released 29 volumes, cementing its impact and popularity. This strategic inclusion on Crunchyroll’s platform aims to engage anime enthusiasts across North America and beyond, offering them the chance to delve into this spirited sports narrative.