Live-Action Silent Service: Amazon’s upcoming live-action film adaptation of Kaiji Kawaguchi’s manga, “The Silent Service,” has just revealed an exciting new trailer. This trailer showcases intense combat sequences between the U.S. Seventh Fleet and the rogue Seabat submarine.

The Silent Service Cast

The film’s cast includes noteworthy talents:

  • Takao Osawa, recognized for roles in “Sky High” and “Tsukiji Uogashi Sandaime,” takes on the role of protagonist Shiro Kaieda.
  • Hiroshi Tamaki portrays Hiroshi Fukamachi.
  • Aya Ueto steps into the shoes of Hiromi Ichigaya.
  • Tomoya Nakamura is cast as Sōshi Irie.
  • Yosuke Eguchi embodies Wataru Unabara.
  • Asami Mizuka portrays Takako Hayami.
  • Yūsuke Santamaria takes on the character Eiichi Nanba.
  • Aoi Nakamura assumes the role of Eiji Yamanaka.
  • Takashi Sasano is seen as Toshi Takegami.
  • Yui Natsukawa embodies Hitomi Sonezaki.
  • Yoshi Sakō steps into the shoes of Seiji Kageyama.
  • Isao Hashizume takes on the role of Daigo Unabara.
  • Aleks Paunovic joins the cast as Logan Steiger.

The live-action film is produced by Takao Osawa and Shinzō Matsuhashi. Kōhei Yoshino is at the helm as the director, with Hikaru Takai responsible for the screenplay. The premiere is set for September 29, exclusively in TOHO theaters across Japan. The film’s theme song, titled “Dignity,” is provided by B’z, features vocalist Ado.

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The Silent Service Storyline

The narrative revolves around Shiro Kaieda, who is entrusted with the captaincy of Japan’s inaugural nuclear submarine, a covert collaboration between Japan and the United States. However, a twist occurs as he and his 76-strong crew choose to go rogue. The story delves into the complex themes of nuclear warfare, global politics, and world harmony.

Kawaguchi originally serialized the manga in Kodansha’s Morning magazine from 1988 to 1996. This manga had previously inspired a special television anime by Sunrise in 1996, followed by a two-part original video anime from 1997 to 1998. Notably, Central Park Media made the anime available on video and later on DVD.

Kawaguchi also collaborated with journalist Osamu Eya on the manga “Kūbo Ibuki” (Aircraft Carrier Ibuki), which concluded in December 2019. This series, launched in 2014, explores a unique narrative.

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In addition to his work on “Zipang,” Kawaguchi concluded the manga “Zipang: Shinsō Kairyū” in November 2017. This distinct manga, unrelated to his earlier time-travel-themed series, was also featured in Kodansha’s Morning magazine.

Kawaguchi’s political manga “Eagle” was published by Viz Media in North America. Furthermore, Central Park Media introduced “The Silent Service” anime, inspired by Kawaguchi’s manga, to audiences. The “Zipang” television anime was made available by Geneon Entertainment (USA).

Kawaguchi’s collaborations extended to “Sagara S no Dōsotai” (Sagara The S Allotrope) with Shinji Makari, which concluded in 2021. This manga, launched in Morning Magazine in 2018, brought another facet of his creativity to light.