Bullbuster Anime Theme Song Artists: Kadokawa announced on Wednesday that the theme songs for the upcoming television anime of the Bullbuster franchise will be performed by AI-generated artists. The name of the artists are NORISTRY and Konomi Suzuki. NORISTRY will contribute the opening theme, titled “Try-ry-ry.” Konomi Suzuki will lend her voice to the ending theme, “Gambare to Sakebu tabi” (Each Journey of Encouragement).

The anime’s narrative revolves around Tetsurō Okino. He is a young AI engineer who has pioneered the creation of Bullbuster, a cutting-edge robotic entity. Okino finds himself reassigned to Hato Industries, a company dedicated to the removal of environmentally harmful creatures. Here, he encounters the enigmatic “Kyojū,” an entity that challenges the company’s objectives. Amidst financial constraints and operational costs, Hato navigates the balance between their aspirations for Kyojū elimination and the practicalities of economic sustainability. It includes meticulous resource allocation and avoiding operational missteps.

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The visionary film director Hiroyuki Nakao, in collaboration with P.I.C.S., is recognized for the strategic blueprint and foundational groundwork. Eisaku Kubonouchi, an acclaimed manga creator renowned for the original character designs in “Carole & Tuesday.” Eisaku was instrumental in shaping the initial character concepts. Leading the anime’s direction and scriptwriting is Hiroyasu Aoki, previously recognized for the acclaimed “Hero Mask.” The esteemed role of adapting Kubonouchi’s designs for animation, in addition to overseeing animation direction, falls to Takahisa Katagiri, renowned for contributions to projects like “FLCL Progressive” and “Hero Mask.” Mechanical design responsibilities are entrusted to Junji Okubo, acknowledged for the iconic “Overlord” monster aesthetics.

The highly anticipated anime is scheduled to debut in 2023.

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Originating from a conceptual compilation launched at Comic Market (Comiket) and COMITIA events, the franchise’s core premise is framed as “A Narrative Chronicles of an Economically Sound Robotic Hero.” Key contributors to this endeavor encompass Nakao, Kubonouchi, science-fiction luminary Yūya Takashima, and Okubo.

Kadokawa has previously published two novels within the franchise. Nakao is acknowledged for spearheading the foundational creation, while the novels are the creative output of Seiji Ebihara.