Shubman Gill has grabbed all the headlines from the cricketing world since the turn of 2023 due to his phenomenal run in ODI cricket. Gill is India’s best batsman in 2023 and one of the top run-getters in ODIs this year. He has amassed over 550 runs in ODIs this year with an astonishing average of 113.40. He has scored 3 centuries and one half-century already.

Gill finished as the second-highest run scorer in the ODI series against Sri Lanka and the highest run aggregator in the recently concluded India vs New Zealand ODI series. With the ICC Men’s ODI World Cup scheduled for a few months from now, we take a look at the records that he can break before and during the tournament. 

  1. Become the Fastest Indian to Score 1500 ODI Runs – The record for the fastest Indian to score 1500 ODI runs is currently with Shreyas Iyer. Shreyas scored 1500 runs in ODIs in 34 innings. Gill already has 1254 ODI runs in 21 innings and it seems just a matter of time before he will make this record his own. He recently surpassed Virat Kohli to become the fastest to score 1000 runs in ODIs during the New Zealand series. 
  2. Knock the Highest ODI Individual Score – The record for the highest ODI individual score is with Rohit Sharma, who hit 264 against Sri Lanka in 2014. However, it seems very likely that Gill will challenge this record and will go past Rohit’s 264 before or during the world cup. He has already gone past 200 once and it seems a major possibility that the next time he goes past 200 runs in an ODI inning, he will challenge Rohit’s score. 
  3. Become the Highest Run Scorer in a Calendar Year – Another record that has been left unchallenged since 1998 is to score more than 1894 runs in a calendar year across formats. This record belongs to the great Sachin Tendulkar. Even the modern limited-overs great Virat Kohli has failed to score these many runs in a calendar year. However, experts believe that Gill can break this record as there is still so much cricket left to play in 2023 and it is only January. 

Which record do you think will be the toughest challenge for Shubman Gill? Will it be to become the fastest Indian to score 1500 runs in ODIs, break Rohit’s highest individual ODI score record or beat the master blaster in terms of runs scored in a calendar year?