Boxing Day test match has their own thrill and excitement in cricket. The boxing day test match is played from December 26 to 30 every year. This event is a crowd puller in famous cricketing grounds across the globe, especially at the Melbourne Cricket Ground (MCG). This year, 4 teams are playing on boxing day. While Australia is facing South Africa at the MCG, Pakistan is facing New Zealand at Karachi. 

Let us find out more about the boxing day test match like its origin, the number of matches played by India on this day and much more. 

Definition of Boxing Day Test Cricket

For laymen, boxing day does not relate to boxing – the sport anyhow. December 26th is referred to as “Boxing Day”. This day is dedicated to those who remain engaged in their duties on December 25 – Christmas. On boxing day, boxes are presented to such professionals to thank them for their selfless efforts. It is due to this reason, the day after Christmas is called “Boxing Day”. Test matches that commence on this date are called boxing day test matches. 

When was the First Boxing Day Test Match Played?

The first boxing day test match was played in the year 1950. The match was played at the MCG between Australia and England. The only time a test match was not played on boxing day was in the year 1989 when Sri Lanka played against Australia in an ODI game. 

How Many Boxing Day Tests Have India Played?

India has been a part of the boxing day test match tradition on 9 occasions. The opponents were Australia, West Indies, South Africa and New Zealand. India has played Australia 9 times on boxing day, winning 2, drawing 2 and losing 5. They played South Africa 6 times and 1 each against New Zealand and West Indies. The table below contains the details of all the boxing day test matches that included India – 

1987West IndiesKolkataDraw
1991AustraliaMCGAustralia won
1992South AfricaPort ElizabethSouth Africa won
1996South AfricaDurbanSouth Africa won
1998New ZealandWellingtonNew Zealand won
1999AustraliaMCGAustralia won
2003AustraliaMCGAustralia won
2006South AfricaDurbanSouth Africa won
2007AustraliaMCGAustralia won
2010South AfricaDurbanIndia won
2011AustraliaMCGAustralia won
2013South AfricaDurbanSouth Africa won
2018AustraliaMCGIndia won
2020AustraliaMCGIndia won
2021South AfricaCenturionIndia won