With each passing test match and each passing failure, the demand for Sarfaraz Ahmed’s return to the Pakistan test squad is gathering quite the storm. The fans are frustrated and it was visible on the 3rd day when a few from the stands of National Stadium, Karachi shouted “We want Saifi”. The fans also took to twitter to show their frustration while reminding the PCB of Sarfaraz’s achievements. It is to be noted that Sarfaraz Ahmed was part of the original test squad that was facing England for a 3-match home test series. Interestingly, the team management did not show faith in him which made the fans irritated.

Pakistan was trounced 3-0 by England and it became the first instance for the country to be whitewashed in a home test series. The Pakistan team management persisted with Mohammad Rizwan who could not offer any substance with his bat. He could only muster 141 runs in 6 innings at an average of 23.5 with the highest score of 46. Now we see why the fans were frustrated. 

Sarfaraz Ahmed averages 36.4 in test cricket but has not played a single test match after the 2019 World Cup debacle. Fans and sports journalists believe that Sarfaraz has mostly played in the middle order and has the technique and game sense to add value to the Pakistan middle order. 

It is a matter of concern for the team management as they had to dodge several thunderbolts from the sports journalists during press conferences. The fans are questioning the selectors that if Rizwan is underperforming then why they are not looking for other options? Fans are also questioning Babar’s decision-making capabilities because of the long run that is given to Mohammad Rizwan despite his poor outings. 

Whatever might the reason/s be, it is evident that Pakistani cricket fans are stumped with the way Sarfaraz Ahmed is being mistreated. Since it has been too long now, they are expressing their views vocally.