Pakistani cricketer-turned-commentator Bazid Khan became (in) famous overnight when he confused New Zealand cricketer Dani Morrison with adult actress Dani Daniels on live television. The incident happened during the 2nd day of the final test match between Pakistan and New Zealand on January 03. 

Bazid Khan was referring to an incident from 1997 when Danny Morrison was involved in an unbeaten 106-run partnership with Nathan Astle against England in Auckland. Khan prompted the name of pornstar Dani Daniels instead of Danny Morrison on-air and corrected himself immediately.

As things go with social media, users got pretty pumped up with this incident and made the clip, where Khan does a hara-kiri, viral. Things got even worse for the Pakistani commentator when adult actress Dani Daniels retweeted the video with the caption “Put me in Coach”. 

Several Twitter users started retweeting the clip including the “OOPS” moment of the Pakistani commentator and several other images and clips including that of the skipper Babar Azam. 

This incident was a moment of jocularity on the 2nd day of, an otherwise, dull test match.