Australia vs South Africa: Labuschagne Uses Lighter to Repair Helmet

Marnus Labuschagne, the Australian middle-order batter, is known for his quirky actions while on the pitch. But, what Labuschagne did during the first of the ongoing Sydney test match left everybody in splits. The commentators were laughing the whole time after seeing the gesture that he made toward the Aussie dugout. 

During the match, Labuschagne gestured for a cigarette lighter toward the team dugout. The commentators were laughing while looking at his gesture, confused, what did it mean? Even his teammates were at a fix when Marnus asked for a cigarette lighter but eventually, they complied. However, the situation got clear when his teammates arrived with the lighter. 

Labuschagne wanted the lighter to fix his helmet. As soon as he got hold of the lighter, he started frying his helmet visor just above the grill. Later on, the commentators explained that the nylon pieces from the visor must have been causing him distractions. That is why he needed the lighter to fry those nylon fragments for clear vision. 

What started as a comic event eventually ended with the conclusion that how even the smallest of things can distract batters. However, the gestures he made during the match were one of the highlights of the rain-marred day of the test match.

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