In Anaheim, the Angels received a double share of challenging updates on Wednesday. The setbacks arrived in two forms: the multi-talented star Shohei Ohtani encountered a torn ulnar collateral ligament in his right elbow during his recent outing against the Reds, and concurrently, esteemed superstar Mike Trout finds himself back on the injured list.

Mike Trout had only recently returned from the injured list on Tuesday, following a sidelining absence of 38 games due to a hamate fracture in his left hand. In his comeback, he managed to secure an infield single with a 1-for-4 performance, but batting caused discomfort in his hand. With determination, he arrived ahead of Wednesday’s doubleheader to receive treatment, but the necessity for more recovery time became evident, allowing his hand the opportunity to mend.

The initial incident leading to Trout’s setback occurred on July 3, followed by a surgical procedure to remove a part of his left hamate bone on July 5. In preparation for the team’s forthcoming journey, spanning the Mets, Phillies, and A’s, he will be assigned to the injured list.

According to Angels’ general manager Perry Minasian, “He attempted to take a swing yesterday, and the results were less than favorable. We’ve concluded that reinstating him on the injured list is the appropriate course of action, affording him the chance to recuperate.”

Trout’s remarkable career as a three-time American League MVP and an 11-time All-Star is currently marked by a .263/.367/.490 batting line, inclusive of 18 home runs and 44 runs batted in across 82 games in this season. Minasian conveyed the organization’s confidence in Trout’s eventual return within this season, attributing his recent premature return to an understandable eagerness. The original prognosis estimated a recovery timeline of four to eight weeks, but Trout made his comeback approximately seven weeks post-injury.

“While his desire to be on the field is palpable, the discomfort in his hands is undeniable, and considering the vital role of hands in batting, caution is essential,” Minasian emphasized. “The injury’s magnitude cannot be underestimated, as compensating for it could have ripple effects. Our approach is to allow a minimum of 10 days for the situation to ameliorate.”