Who is the Monster in Wednesday: The Addams Family spinoff “Wednesday” follows the narrative of Wednesday Addams, a 16-year-old girl with psychic abilities who comes to Jericho, Vermont, to attend Nevermore Academy. Wednesday is nearly killed by Rowan Laslow, a fellow telekinetic classmate, in the first episode, but is spared by a Monster who is later murdered. Wednesday discovers that each of the Monster’s victims had body parts surgically removed as she investigates, and she grows suspicious of Xavier Thorpe, a classmate with the ability to make his work come to life, and discovers drawings of the Monster in his art studio. She follows the drawings to the Monster’s lair, where she retrieves one of the creature’s claws and brings it to Sheriff Galpin.

Later, Wednesday arrives at the Gates home and uncovers severed body parts from the Monster’s victims. When she is attacked by the Monster, she is forced to flee before she can continue her investigation. When she returns to the cellar, she discovers that it is empty. Wednesday later sees Uncle Fester, who informs her that the Monster she’s been examining is a Hyde. Wednesday sneaks into Nevermore’s library and learns in Nathaniel Faulkner’s book of pariah groups that Hydes are “artists by nature, but equally vindictive in temperament.” She also discovers that Hydes are always accompanied by a master.

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Who is the Monster?

The Jericho police arrest Xavier, whom Wednesday suspects to be the Monster, in episode seven. Wednesday kisses Tyler Galpin, Sheriff Galpin’s son, after Xavier’s arrest and goes on a date with him. During their kiss, Wednesday sees Tyler as Hyde and realizes he is the Monster. Wednesday and her friends dupe Tyler into accompanying them to the bush, where they kidnap and torture him to extract a confession. In the police station, Tyler admits to being the Monster. Wednesday is imprisoned after her classmates, who disagree with her methods, alert Nevermore’s principal, Larissa Weems, about her torture of Tyler. Tyler confesses he is the Monster after confessing to being a Hyde at the police station.

Who is the Monster’s Master in Wednesday?

Marilyn Thornhill, a botany teacher at Nevermore, is played by Christina Ricci, who also played Wednesday in the 1991 film The Addams Family. Wednesday suspects her therapist, Dr. Valerie Kinbott, of being the Monster’s master after seeing Xavier, her first suspect, meet up with Dr. Kinbott in the woods. After Dr. Kinbott is slain by Hyde and Tyler is revealed to be the Monster, Wednesday discovers that the Monster’s master is Marilyn Thornhill. She discovers this after Eugene informs her that she spotted a figure in the Monster’s cave wearing red boots similar to Ms. Thornhill’s. Principal Weems and Wednesday use Ms. Thornhill’s shapeshifting abilities to force her to confess.

Ms. Thornhill discloses that she is, in reality, Laurel Gates, Garrett Gates’s long-lost relative. Ms. Thornhill/Laurel kills Principal Weems and subdues Wednesday after her confession. Laurel uses Wednesday’s blood to resurrect Joseph Crackstone, Jericho’s forefather who wishes to destroy all outcasts. Enid Sinclair, Wednesday’s housemate, transforms into a werewolf and defeats Tyler. After being spared by Goody, her deceased ancestor whom she frequently sees in visions, Wednesday overcomes Crackstone before he can destroy Nevermore. Wednesday and Eugene then triumph over Gates.

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About Wednesday

The series is executive produced and directed by Tim Burton and is based on Charles Addams’ New Yorker cartoon, The Addams Family, about a strange, macabre family of goths, which was made into a TV series of the same name in 1964. The cartoon was made into a film of the same name in 1991, and a sequel, Addams Family Values, was released in 1993.

In 1991, the cartoon was adapted into a film of the same name, which was followed by a sequel in 1993. Wednesday is the latest addition to the Addams Family world after the franchise was relaunched as an animated film in 2019.

The first season of the sitcom received favorable reviews, with many applauding the cast’s performances, which included Jenna Ortega as Wednesday, Catherine Zeta-Jones as Morticia, and Luis Guzman as Gomez. Critics also praised Tim Burton’s particular visual aesthetic, which was evident throughout the series.

Wednesday’s narrative is full of twists and turns that keep fans interested throughout the season. The Monster’s genuine identity as Tyler Galpin and Marilyn Thornhill’s true identity as Laurel Gates were stunning and unexpected revelations. Wednesday’s final showdown with Joseph Crackstone, assisted by her deceased ancestor Goody, was exhilarating and rewarding.

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The issues of acceptance, identity, and family are portrayed in a novel and original fashion, with the hideous characters functioning as metaphors for real-life societal outcasts. Prejudice, discrimination, and the pressure to conform to societal norms are also addressed in the play.

Wednesday is a wickedly entertaining and artistically spectacular show that adds to the Addams Family franchise. The first season leaves fans wanting more, and it will be intriguing to watch where the storyline of the program goes in subsequent seasons.