The majority of us are familiar with Michael Jordan. He was a basketball icon who garnered numerous honors for his amazing abilities on the court. You might not be aware, though, that he also has a gifted daughter named Victoria Jordan. Let’s examine the life and accomplishments of Victoria Jordan.

Although Michael Jordan is renowned all around the world for his remarkable court talents, none of his offspring have been able to match his NBA greatness. He has five kids, although only Marcus and Jeffrey Jordan are boys. They both had the advantage of having a basketball great for a father. However, their careers were limited to college basketball.

Jordan’s third child Jasmine is a behind-the-scenes employee of the Jordan Brand. Victoria and Ysabel, twin daughters from his second marriage to his present wife, Yvette Prieto, were also born around this time. Victoria, who is only eight years old, is already well-known because of her famous parents. She was born into a world of fame and money since her father is a former NBA champion and her mother is a supermodel.

Victoria Jordan and Social Media

Victoria’s parents have successfully kept her life private and away from the prying eyes of the media despite their fame. It appears that MJ and Yvette want their daughter to have a typical life free from the burden of upholding their parents’ legacy.

Although it’s too soon to predict Victoria’s future course, she is fortunate to have parents who have excelled in their own industries. Who knows, she might choose a different path in life and follow a profession than those of her parents.

What Happened to Jordan’s Other Kids?

While many might have anticipated that at least one of Jordan’s offspring would inherit his basketball prowess, that hasn’t happened. The eldest son, Jeffrey, played college basketball for five years. However, eventually was not able to make it into the professional leagues. While Marcus’ college career was more successful, he was still unable to play in the NBA.

Despite not continuing in their father’s career path, Marcus and Jeffrey have each achieved success in their respective industries. In 2020, Jeffrey and Marcus co-founded the Jordan Avakian Group. In 2019, Marcus opened his own upscale shoe retailer, Trophy Room. Due to their father’s legendary fame in basketball, they were able to go into new endeavors and leave their own impact on the world.