Undead Unluck Chapter 166: In the upcoming chapter 166 of Undead Unluck, Mui and Shen will engage in a fierce battle, utilizing their full strength. This chapter will prove to be a crucial turning point for Shen as he unveils his negation ability while facing a personal tragedy. The previous chapter diligently set the stage for this epic confrontation between master and disciple.

Possible Interruption by Feng and Fuuko’s Interference

As the fight progresses, there is a high possibility of Feng interfering. Excited by the prospect of facing Mui, who appears to be stronger than Shen, he may jump into the battle. How will Shen handle this unexpected interference? Will Fuuko also intervene? And most importantly, how will Fuuko prevent the impending tragedy? All these answers will be revealed in the upcoming week.

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Release Date of Chapter 166

Fans can look forward to reading Chapter 166 of the Undead Unluck manga on Sunday, July 9, 2023. The title of the chapter has not been leaked yet, adding to the suspense and anticipation.

No Break for Undead Unluck

Rest assured, Undead Unluck fans, there will be no break this week. Chapter 166 will be released as scheduled, providing the much-awaited continuation of the gripping storyline.

Raw Scans and Leaks

At present, raw scans for Chapter 166 of Undead Unluck have not surfaced. Typically, these scans become available one to two days before the official release. Make sure to return and check for updates closer to the release date.

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Recap of Chapter 165

In the previous chapter, Shen swiftly defeats Billy and proceeds forward. He makes it clear that he won’t allow Feng to fight Mui. Fuuko, thrilled to reunite with Mui, her first friend, expresses her excitement. Mui approaches Shen and apologizes for participating in the tournament, explaining her intention to help him. Shen reassures her, stating that he will defeat Fuuko and Feng for the sake of her brother.

Curiosity prompts Fuuko to inquire about Shen’s reasons for fighting so fiercely. He begins to explain that Feng trained him solely to battle Fuuko, but this realization made Shen feel worthless. However, eight years ago, when Shen was on the verge of abandoning his training, he encountered Mui. She tended to his injuries, and as a gesture of gratitude, Shen trained her in martial arts.

Presently, Shen fights for Mui and her ailing brother, who jointly operate a restaurant. Finally, Shen has discovered a purpose and feels useful. Fuuko is summoned to the ring, but she refuses, claiming that she has nothing more to teach Shen. Consequently, she is disqualified, setting the stage for the ultimate showdown between Mui and Shen. Fuuko understands that this match will determine Shen’s ascent to the peak of his strength.

The Battle Unleashed: Mui vs. Shen

Mui and Shen exchange a mutual agreement to fight without reservation, assuming their battle stances. Mui initiates the attack, delivering a powerful kick that sends Shen soaring high into the sky. Fuuko is left astonished by Mui’s overwhelming strength, while Feng revels in his knowledge of her superiority over Shen. Witnessing Mui’s extraordinary growth, Fuuko reassures them of her commitment to averting the impending tragedy and encourages them to continue fighting wholeheartedly.

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Undead Unluck: A Brief Overview

Undead Unluck is a captivating manga series created by Yoshifumi Tozuka, serving as both writer and illustrator. It has captivated readers since its serialization in Shueisha’s Weekly Shonen Jump from January 2020. With 16 volumes published as of May 2023, the story revolves around Fuuko Izumo, burdened with the power to bring misfortune to those she touches. In a twist of fate, her encounter with Andy, an undead individual seeking the “best death,” leads them to join the enigmatic Union organization. Together, they embark on missions bestowed upon them by the Apocalypse, a mystical book that shapes their destinies.